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  1. XDDDDDDDDD Oooooooooooooh my Gooooooooooood now I just want a fic about reactions of various people who see Vader and Luke interact!!!
    Leia, Han, Rogue Squadron, Storm troopers, Luke love interest(s), random Rebels, Rogue One, Specter, hell throw in Xizor (who doesn't know the truth) and Thrawn
    I will die from laughter because entertaining reactions is the height of comedy for me

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    1. Ahahaha, yes, those reactions would be glorious ;D ;D
      I recommend "Compromising" if you haven't read it already, it's hilarious ;))
      The thought of Trawn meeting Luke and Vader is kind of making me nervous because you never. know. what Thrawn is planning... but the rest would be such fun! ;D

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      1. Thrawn would probably look into Tattoine art to try and determine the relationship and plans. All the anti-slavery, independence, & rough survival will give him an idea about Luke and how he responds to Vader. (Thrawn and I both highly enjoy studying cultures through their art as well as art interpretation)
        And yes Compromising is a wonderful work.

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        1. He totally would. If you consider Tatooine as Luke's background, his character IS actually really easy to understand...
          Same!! I'm a huge art nerd... :)

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