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  1. I did it! ^_^ You can find the brandnew Dual Survival comm here:

    I would be delighted if you would join. :D I asked the guys from Mythbusterslash if I can make a post about it at their comm and I'll tell a couple of people from deviantart who also got hit in the face by the bromance. I guess there won't be that much interest but that is fine with me. And when the new season airs early next year I am sure there will be a bit more activity. And like you said, maybe a lot of slashers are just waiting for it.

    I have not made a post yet but I will think of something later and if only a little introduction. And you are of course welcome to post your lovely story there. :) I think it might also be fun to discuss each episode seperately.

    So long, :-)


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    1. profile suggests that unsub is itsy bitsy spider

      Yess, I'm so glad there are other people who get it! :D I am usually completely squicked out by RPF, but there is something so amazing about Dave and Cody. This fic was just what I was looking for. Joining the LJ comm!

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