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  1. I really loved this omg. I know it was a bit of a struggle for you to write, but I'm so glad you pushed it out. And also can I just say that I fucking love that you included that bit about the sorting and which House Viktor would have been placed in at 11 vs the one he was placed in as an adult??? So good of you to take that into account. JJ and Otabek in Gryffindor was also a really excellent call; I agree with that wholeheartedly.

    The worldbuilding in this was great, but I really enjoyed the relationship building too. At the end it seems to go so fast and I honestly really like that, it feels like Yuri was holding a lot in through the first half of the story, clinging to things he was forcing himself to feel and think, and then it all came pouring out when the dam broke. It's like inertia; Yuri was stuck at the speed he was going until Viktor crashed in and changed his velocity. The scene where they go skating together is really lovely, and I swear, you're do UST so well. When Yuri moved in to kiss Viktor I was like, FINALLY! even though it hadn't been that long haha. The little pieces of information you feed the readers is clever; there's just enough in this story for me to want to puzzle out what Viktor has been doing with his life for the past ten years, why Kolya thinks he's dangerous, but not enough for me to actually put it together. Leaves me wanting more, but it's also just enough. I do like when small things are left to my interpretation. (That doesn't mean I don't have a thousand burning questions!)

    And of course, the ending. So incredibly in character for Yuri, and Viktor too. I don't think Viktor will ever be one for goodbyes, and I don't think Yuri will ever be someone who can let people go. I love that about their dynamic, that it's a bit of a cat and bird chase, but the bird isn't a sparrow, it's a hawk, and hawks sometimes eat cats too. You portrayed it so beautifully. I'm going to stop here because I'm just rambling on at this point and I might have stopped making sense, but thank you for sharing. I loved this a lot <3

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    1. rin

      Ahh, thank you so much. Honestly, I really enjoyed all the debates on discord about what house Victor would be in and why, haha. But I cling to adult Ravenclaw Victor, and I absolutely think house could potentially change with age, as priorities change also. And yes, Otabek and JJ are totally Gryffindor quidditch boyfriends.

      I think what I struggle with when I write longer fics is trying to keep... the connecting emotional thread? theme? consistent throughout, and while I don't think I really succeeded this time, as long as it was still enjoyable I'm glad. :')

      I wanted to echo Victor disappearing on Yuri in canon, so I'm glad you thought it worked. Honestly, your comments are always so thoughtful and kind, it's really appreciated <3

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