Comment on The Apocalypse Can Wait

  1. I always love SPN and Dean and Sam -hunters extraordinarios- were awesome and tragics bla bla bla...But they are cruel killers than cannot see that no all creatures are monsters. Because...Heroes are the monsters in the other side of history. And they no always are right in his vendetta against the supernatural. Irks me that all the diferent is evil for them. In the show, in other shows, there are monsters, there are evil monsters than needs to die for their crimes. And there are monsters that no are monsters at the end. And the Winchester no longer know the difference. Teddy is a innocent child that change forms and for they all that he is is wrong (wizard, metamorphamagus and werewolf son) and needs to be eradicated. It's a tragedy for my that the Family business is less about save people that something to do when you only see the evil in the world. Like a soldiers that after to live a war cannot live in the real everyday world. (not that they want to kill because but they cannot see the world the same...need war to live in a normal world. You know?)It's sad and it's me after see and breathe Teen Wolf day after day for months saying these things. Cause the hunters without code to life their lives is a hunter who hunts because he enjoys it. You just need a reason to kill. No more. As Kate said in the TW show. A reason for kill without remorse. Ok..I am in a sad week and this behavior infuriates me a little. See you next chapter!

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