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  1. Yessss, I found a Dual Survival fanfic! :) And such a good one, too. I thought no one else had noticed the major bromance going on there. That episode really made me think about how it would work out between those two. On one hand they are very different (as you pointed out about the gender roles or rather, how Dave sometimes interpreted Cody's different and more pragmatic attitude), on the other they are both very male, strong and tough guys. So much potential in their relationship.

    "This was gratitude, and the blurred edges of something else, something huge and threatening."

    I love that line.

    Heh, I am thinking about creating a livejournal community for the show. Do you think there would be enough interest in it? There is one for Mythbusters as well after all. ^_^

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      Thank you for reading and commenting. I was starting to think I was the only one who saw this pairing!

      I like to study and play with gender, and I never expected to find a survival show to be such a rewarding exercise in gender studies! I agree that their different survival styles sometimes make it easy for Dave to put them in different spheres. So much of Dave's (and Cody's, to some extent) language carries the implication of "feminizing" Cody because of his more passive and practical survival style. Of course, as you pointed out, they are actually both really tough and brave guys, which makes their interplay unexpectedly domestic and even more intriguing.

      I also considered creating an LJ comm, but I hesitated for the same concerns. I can't say for sure that there's enough interest yet. Then again, there might be a lot of slashers just waiting to pounce on the first Dual Survival LJ community that pops up!

      Send me a link if you do decide to make the community. I'd like to join!

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      1. I did it! ^_^ You can find the brandnew Dual Survival comm here:

        I would be delighted if you would join. :D I asked the guys from Mythbusterslash if I can make a post about it at their comm and I'll tell a couple of people from deviantart who also got hit in the face by the bromance. I guess there won't be that much interest but that is fine with me. And when the new season airs early next year I am sure there will be a bit more activity. And like you said, maybe a lot of slashers are just waiting for it.

        I have not made a post yet but I will think of something later and if only a little introduction. And you are of course welcome to post your lovely story there. :) I think it might also be fun to discuss each episode seperately.

        So long, :-)


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          Yess, I'm so glad there are other people who get it! :D I am usually completely squicked out by RPF, but there is something so amazing about Dave and Cody. This fic was just what I was looking for. Joining the LJ comm!

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