Comment on August 2017 Newsletter, Volume 116

  1. So who got the Abuse staffer!?! Gosh if its me i know i Applied for it because i am always so tired of people getting away of being mean to other people, On sites that have no abuse Staff, So if i got it i would be Like Oh my gosh Thanks This is the best day of my life, I can finally make sure nobody does Stuff That Abuse sites! :D Oh my gosh who got abuse Staffer? Oh never Mind Amy Shimizu got it :(

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    1. OTW Communications Staffer

      Hi AngelWolf01

      The newsletter always includes news from the previous month, so these were people inducted or departing in August, not September. The recruitment process generally takes several weeks after applications close for people to be contacted, interviewed, and given access to tools and organization spaces. So anyone applying in September wouldn't be mentioned until October or even November.

      Also, Amy was a departing Abuse staffer not a new recruit ;)

      Claudia Rebaza
      Staffer, OTW Communications

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