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  1. Actually, I can never play pro-templar! I am always way too firmly entrenched on the mages' side. Thing is, my main is always a bloodmage, and I adore Jowan - heck, I made even Anders a bloodmage in Awakenings. I just think it's way too powerful not to use (and as long as you draw on your own blood, I still firmly believe it's not a bad thing to be).

    Templar!Thor chasing escaped!Loki *swoon* Even the thought makes me giddy. Just know there will be at least one crazy fangirl dying to read that! Loki would give Thor such a run for his money.

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      That's interesting! Heh. I've never played a blood mage, but my sibling has. I personally am not up to the effort it takes to manage a blood mage's powers, but they can be very powerful. Said sibling also had the Cold Blooded staff, and I was so envious during his endgame when Meredith's mana-draining attacks didn't affect him at all. (As a conventional mage, those attacks were so annoying for me)

      I've never played a bloodmage - I've had two mages and one Warrior (with the Templar specialisation, which is what I always give Carver when I can, so at least I'll have that part of my background research covered).

      I've never played DA:O, but I know enough :) It's sitting about waiting to be played! Maybe in time for DA3. :)

      I'll see how it goes! It may not be posted to AO3 if I do it, but I will certainly let you know when it goes up.

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