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  1. I just LOVE this!! It is absolutely precious!

    This part almost made me spit out my tea:
    " “I’ve dated a man before,” Adam explained in a flat voice.

    “What? When? Who?”

    “Harlan, you seem upset.” Adam tilted his head. “I dated Austin during space camp in 10th grade. We helped each other masturbate a few times, but Austin said-”

    “Adam! What did we say?”

    “No sexual specifics. I’m sorry, I was trying to explain.” Adam offered Harlan the untouched half of his sandwich. “Here, you dropped yours.” "
    Holy shit, I laughed so hard........ love it!

    I can't WAIT to read more of this! I'm hooked! :D

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    1. Poor Harlan, how many conversations do you think they suffered through before the "no sexual specifics" rule has to be instituted?
      I'm so glad you enjoyed! Hope you like the rest!

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