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  1. Keith hugging Pidge and comforting her is great. And I bet Lance got into trouble, wanting to treat the ladies with respect they deserve..

    God, what a callout to abo.. ;-) thanks for this. People are free to enjoy what they like, I'm not here to bash anyone for their interests, but i've always asked myself... what's the base appeal of the abo concept that draws people in? Intrinsically? Is it the instinctual near-unrelenting drive for sex? The animalistic behavior / social structures? (hey, furries) The added challenge, the act of figuring characters out in this world dynamic, and flipping already existing social constructs? Is it easily accessible because of the rarely-changing inherent concept, placed in a transformative fan culture that bases a lot of its concepts on already existing well-known well-used tropes to build upon??

    And with how abundant it is in fandom culture... there really is nothing else like it out there i've seen. Especially since, yeah, it can be socially/structually limiting for the characters and putting on even more constructed labels on them, leading to debating over them endlessly. It can be a great exploration of social dynamics, or at least can be... just sometimes authors have other priorities regarding abo ;-) Hope it's okay I dumped my thoughts here... Thanks for sharing your written interpretation of abo with us!

    Next thing they’ll say is that the men knot up like dogs!

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    1. avidbeader

      I'm with you - abo is a trope I Just Don't Get and yet, as you said, it's a hugely popular one for whatever reason. If that's what some fans want to play with, that's fine. But when I look at it, I've got Keith and Pidge's viewpoint. And yes, it's perfectly okay to dump your thoughts here. :-)

      Yeah, it's quite possible Lance would get himself into trouble here, even with Hunk trying to mediate, but as two more sizable guys they weren't going to immediately attract the attention Keith and Pidge did.

      Thank you so much for reading and offering your comments!

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