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  1. KSJAFLAKJSF what you wrote in the notes at the end tho ; A ; I feel so honored that the random shit I spew at you somehow played a small part in this. This fic is such a fun read, I hope you know!!
    I'm also DYING at Kanae trying to flirt with Kasai even though he'd threatened her with fire the very same day. Of course she would. Of COURSE she would. And the ensuing text messages between her and Yako after the fact were just perfect. I love it.
    And even though I said it in the last chapter too, I'll say it again--I love your Kasai. You write a great Lit Uncle.

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    1. sdfkjhasd I'm so glad you like it!! Seriously, this is super fun to write and our conversations make me laugh every time I think about them.
      I also used your little exchange with Neuro and one-track-mind Yako bc that was GOLD.

      Also I'm glad my Lit Uncle is okay. I love him lots but he's a weird guy and I'm like...the least lit person on earth wahaha >:3c

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