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    I am legit fangirling here. OML I love this. This deserves more attention.

    This is cool and stuff but your reply on my other comment made me have a bad feeling about the promise stuff of Alfred...

    But this is happy and stuff so I'll try to forget it for now.

    I really like how you upload somewhat regularly but don't really have a schedule! It's cool and stuff.

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    1. Awwwww You're so sweet!!
      Wow! I never had many fans before, but you are one of the best THANK YOU

      Of course I'll be updating regularly. I don't really have a schedule with my writing because due dates always put me in pressure, which always ends up in bad results based on my experience. But then, again, it's possible that when school starts, I won't be updating regularly because of school, of course. But I promise, I WILL NEVER ABANDON THIS FANFICTION. I have gone this far and there is no turning back.

      Also, I know this is a crazy question, but which comment were you refering about the "promise stuff of Alfred"? I'm sorry, I'm a little slow sometimes.

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