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  1. “Has it been that long? That means I’m 28 already.” He turns to his partner. “Hey, does that mean I’m old? Old is when you’re about to die, right?”
    “Senpai was 31 when he died, so you’re getting there.”

    ^^^ You both hurt my heart and made me laugh out loud with that one. ;o; How dare you. But at the same time, that was a wonderful way to let us know the time and setting that this tory takes place in. Very smoothly done!

    And awww I love how close Kanae and Yako are at the end of this chapter. :) It was fun to see Kanae get to help out a bit, and also to see her with Higuchi. Yako's right--that would be an interesting match.

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    1. Ahh thanks so much for the reviews! I'm really glad you like all the little details ;w; It's really fun to write. More to come eventually.
      ...I'm also glad this fandom is alive, haha!

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