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  1. HOLY SHIT you wrote me WYNONNA EARP CRUCIFIXION this iS the besT DAY EVEr. oh my god.

    ahem. no! seriously! whole h/c postmark worth of ot3 AWESOMENESS just for me, i absolutely love you. nails! doc kissing him! wynonna Not Having Any Of This! find a saw! i'm so happy, this is such a exchange, THANK YOU SO MUCH. besssssssssssssst.

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    1. A descending spiral stairway inside a lighthouse.

      I'm so glad you liked it! It seemed like something that would happen on show. I wanted more about Doc's reaction being because he doesn't know about antibiotics, but I only had 100 words, SO.

      This is my favourite ship of favouriteness right now.

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