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  1. Dear KaizenKitty, thank you for responding.
    Well I didn't have to read it work :) I just really really wanted to see what happened, asap.

    Another interesting point in this last chapter is that Light might have begun suspecting L. I mean, I definitely haven't thought so before, but L's paranoia was pretty convincing. And since we're reading this from L's POV, we have no way of knowing whether it's true or not.

    If Kira became the absolute law enforcer and there were no criminals left, then the police would definitely become obsolete. As well as the military, probably. A lot of lawyers would lose their jobs, though legal jobs per se are unlikely to disappear completely because there would still be contracts (like marriage preen-ups and mergers and acquisitions). But since I doubt that Kira would have offed all the white-collar criminals, the court system would probably remain pretty much the same, except less busy.
    I assume that gun manufacturers will suffer heavy losses, as well all the private security companies (e.g. those installing anti-burglar alarm systems).
    On the other hand: there'd be no drug dealers or slave traders left, and I imagine emergency care at the hospitals would have a lot less patients too. Make of that what you will :)

    Regarding Light not destroying pages, he probably thinks that his hiding place is foolproof, and the evidence will be destroyed if anyone stumbles upon it accidentally. Still, a rookie mistake.
    But why oh why doesn’t L just take the notebook away? Doesn’t he realize that this is Kira’s weapon? Or does he think that Ryuk will attack him then? But in such a case, he’s screwed even if he ‘outs’ Light in some other way.
    And yeah, while I also think that prosecuting Light would be a legal nightmare, L could simply destroy the notebook and imprison or even kill Light. He certainly had no moral qualms about torturing Misa in-canon, and this was definitely very illegal, so it’s like he always follows the law.
    There’s a beautiful story about Light’s execution (very sad), but it doesn’t deal with the actual trials. Called This Is How I Disappear, don’t know if you’ve read it…

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