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  1. This sure is PW!Kaz :3 It's a little heartbreaking to see him so flirtatious and cheerful. And woefully overconfident - I don't think he could have possibly misread the poor medic's intent any harder, hahah. That Kaz was somewhat misrepresenting how he got the injuries was a cool detail too, and absolutely something I could really see Kaz doing if BB went overboard >>

    Thanks for this, and thank you for running the exchange! I had a blast.

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    1. Man, remember when Kaz was happy? *sighs*

      I had fun with the idea that Kaz interpreted the medic's feelings as a weakness and played them. I kinda wanted to go a little harder on the idea of Kaz using the medic emotionally like BB did to him physically, but maybe I need to revise that in to be more explicit. Who is handling who with care?

      I really wanted to work with the idea that the conversation was happening almost word-for-word the same way, but could be taken and interpreted by the other subject as being about something different. YOUR WORK IS SO TIGHT AND GOOD ARI it was a bit difficult to find an angle to access your content. I hope I gave you something cool to give back to what you've done for the fandom too <3

      I'M GLAD YOU HAD FUN AND I HOPE YOU ENJOY!! Maybe we can do this again!!

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