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  1. Oh. Oh wow. I just...I do not have words for how PERFECT this fusion is! From start to finish!! And how aggrieved I am that there isn't any more because boy howdy do I want like 200k more of this STAT! I'm even sorrier to hear this is your last Haven fic I hope inspiration might strike on the unfinished ones as I've always enjoyed your work. If you need someone to beta/cheerlead/arse you into finishing those I would definitely be available! If it's a you've moved on to other fandoms/lost interest in this one thing I totally get it and wish you kind show runners elsewhere :)

    That said things that pleased me in random order: HOLY COW! CRUCIATUS MCKEE!!!!!!! That is a thing that will hit me when I am standing in line at the store or showering or making breakfast and I will griiiiinnnn like a fool!
    I squealed at Croatoan as Voldemort bc I've been using that comparison for months now in my Void fic so I was SUPER pleased to see you had thought along the same lines!
    Dave as the head of Ravenclaw and Vince as head of Slytherin!
    Lucassi as the healer!
    CHARLOTTE AS DUMBLEDORE OMG!!!!! SO MUcH YESS!!! "Let me put this child that I love through pain and suffering for my own ends and for the greater good, yes this a good plan! 50 points to Charlotte/Dumbledore!"
    Audrey, Evi and Jordan all being in the same class!
    Audrey being the one to save Jordan from Wade! Jordan being the one to save Duke!
    Duke Crocker, Curse Breaker!! HEEEE! I LOVE IT!
    What I loved most of all though is at the end of it Jordan decides fuck them she doesn't want to fit in with them, she doesn't need Quidditch it's served it's purpose in her life and she works hard to find what will make her happy and she refines it until it does!


    Hogwarts AU questions -
    So Audrey's essentially Harry in this? What's her plot arc like?
    Can I get an example of the shenanigans Audrey, Duke and Nathan get up to as the Golden Trio in this verse?
    Tell me about Jennifer Mason, Gryffindor?
    What house is Claire in?

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    1. <3 <3 <3 Thank you for such a delightful comment! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. This is such a lovely comment to get, thank you.

      Okay, so as for the questions, I never really figured out the bigger plot stuff, which was a big reason the AU didn't get written in that format, but here's what I've got:
      -Audrey's arc is very Harry-like in nature, being that she is also The Chosen One in a lot of ways, although her origins are much more Tom Riddleish in nature- born of an ancient and kinda gross wizarding line, left at a Muggle orphanage, and didn't know anything about magic except that Weird Things Are Happening until she gets admitted to Hogwarts. At that point, she starts slowly realizing that a handful of the adults (the Teagues, most conspicuously) treat her weirdly, and/or have odd conversations about her but not with her. She investigates, finds the name Croatoan and investigates him. For a while, she thinks that her arc actually is more Harry-like, and that the weirdness is that she is believed to be destined to defeat him. It's a pretty crushing blow when she realizes that people are afraid that she will be his heir, instead, because there are rumors of a prophecy that Croatoan's child will be twice the abomination of Croatoan. Croatoan certainly believes that she should take her place as his daughter and his legacy. When she defies him, he blames Charlotte, and attacks Hogwarts in order to destroy it and force Audrey to his side. Instead, everyone teams up and defeats him.

      -The three do a lot of skulking around, investigating, by breaking in and out of the castle, Restricted Section, professor's quarters, so on and so forth. They do not have an invisibility cloak, but Nathan is a great skulker and Duke is exceptionally good at creating diversions. A large number of the weird, loud occurrences at Hogwarts during their time were just Duke creating shenanigans to distract from the three doing other shenanigans.

      -Their first interaction as a trio is as follows: both Nathan and Duke are sent to Hogwarts for the first time with packages full of their father's House gear (Nathan has a box full of Gryffindor stuff, and Duke has Slytherin gear) which becomes uncomfortable when neither of them gets sorted into that house. Audrey, who met Nathan at the train and Duke in Diagon Alley, realizes this. She asks for Nathan's package, and then trades it for Duke's package, leaving everyone with the appropriate gear (and also meaning that Duke runs around in Gryffindor stuff that was technically a gift from Garland, which fortunately Garland never learns). She tells them it was a pleasure doing business with them.

      -Jennifer gets sorted into Gryffindor, and is pretty much immediately intimidated, because Gryffindors are, as a group, *very loud.* And boisterous, and not inclined to personal space. She's not sure why she's there- she has the intelligence to be a Ravenclaw, and the kindness to be a Hufflepuff, but she's never thought of herself as brave- she's small, and timid. Duke, who is a year older and has plenty of experience in the 'feeling out of place as a Gryffindor' category, helps her navigate her place there. She also bonds with Dwight & McHugh, who are quiet. She gets wrapped up in the drama because she is Duke-adjacent, agrees to take some small role in something which then accidentally explodes into a much larger and more dangerous role, and she dives right in and fights. Afterward, she demands to be read in on the whole situation, and when they explain what's going on, she keeps offering a role in their plans. She doesn't stop fighting until there's no more fighting to be done. Jennifer is also an excellent Seeker.

      -Claire is a Ravenclaw. (One thing I kind of dislike in this AU is how few Ravenclaw characters there are. Claire, Charlotte, Dave, Seth, and Julia, but that's about it. Alas.)

      I may or may not finish up any of my half-done Haven fics. But I'm writing for Leverage at the moment, and I think I've seen you around there? If so, you might be able to check out what I'm doing, if you're so inclined. I'm glad you've enjoyed my Haven work, though!!

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