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  1. It's early days for the Clapham Sect/Saints; I imagined some of the society ladies or the rector of the local church seeing the incident and word spreading...a collection raised for the cause, and Will chosen by way of Granville Sharp (who was approached by Equiano/Vassa after the Zong Massacre in reality). No plans at the moment for Mr. Wilberforce to make an appearance, but I may have more mentions of the Saints in later fics (if I ever get around to writing them!).

    I stole a lot of stuff here from one of my nephews from visits I remember at that age. The clapping thing was too sweet for me not to include. He also did a surprise open-mouthed kiss for no reason.

    And I totally agree. Really young babies are cute but kind of samey. When they can talk or at least gesture at you, you start to get a sense of who they are as unique little people, and it's so fun!

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    1. Yup, early kisses, adorable, when they clearly want to, but haven't quite got the muscle motions sorted yet.

      I put the abolitionist branch/overlap of the Clapham lot into my story c.1804 and the bill that made it through the Commons but was too late for the Lords; my character (MP for an imaginary rotten borough, those are SO useful to the modern storyteller) is very interested in the cause, but somewhat concerned about what they could learn of his domestic arrangements if his beloved weren't at sea. It wouldn't be pretty.

      I am selfishly interested in seeing either Wilberforce or Pitt for the Adorably Skinny Legs concentration. :)

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