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  1. This is wonderful! I nearly didn't read it because I'm not a fan of Jordan's character generally but I am *so pleased* that I did.

    I love how you have the main Haven plot points (and all the characters) set in the HP 'verse. The characters are perfectly written and the house allocations seem accurate to me (I could make a case for Duke being a Ravenclaw but Gryffindor fits perfectly). It's great that you've managed to get so many of the recurring characters weaved in there.

    I would genuinely love to read more but totally understand what it's like with AU's. If you have headcanons to babble at me, I will read eagerly!

    Thank you so much for sharing <3

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    1. Thank you! Y'know, I think you could make a pretty solid argument for any of the houses for Duke (I considered Hufflepuff)- like a lot of characters/people, he has a constellation of those traits. Anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed it, even if you're not a Jordan fan.

      Well, I have a *lot* of details that didn't make it in here (and probably had more back when I actually wrote this). Here are a few! If you have an interest in any specific character or plot point, let me know and I can likely give you some more in that direction.
      -Nearly every strained parent-child relationship, of which there are many, relate to a difference in house. Garland Wuornos is a proud Gryffindor who wasn't thrilled when his kid Sorted into Hufflepuff; the Crockers are all supposed to be Slytherins and Duke would probably get disowned if his father was still alive; Hannah Driscoll actually does get disowned when she becomes a Hufflepuff; the Carrs argue about the fact that Eleanor is Head of Hufflepuff and Julia is a Ravenclaw. Conversely, Croatoan is quite pleased that his daughter ended up in Slytherin, until she turns out to be better than him at it. (Seriously, I'm convinced that at least one writer is mad at their dad, because this happens a lot)
      -Relatedly: Garland Wuornos turns up at Quidditch games wearing red and gold for nearly a year, frustrating Nathan to no end. Eventually, Duke approaches him and says something like, "Hey, thanks for wearing my colors, I really appreciate the support!" all smarmy. Garland manages to buy a yellow scarf after that. Nathan never finds out what the change was.
      -During a Slytherin-Hufflepuff game, Audrey and William crash into each other in midair, knocking each other unconscious, and then hit the ground before anyone can do more than draw their wands. Headmistress Charlotte Cross runs onto the field first, with Gryffindor Head of House Gloria Verrano just behind her, and heals them both. Nathan tells Audrey afterward that it looked like her neck had been broken, which is nearly impossible to heal that seamlessly without dark magic of some sort. Audrey assumes that he must have been mistaken, until she and William seem to be magically connected (leading him to become kind of obsessed with her) which is a known side effect of the dark magic it would have taken. They overhear a conversation between Charlotte and Gloria about it, which confirms their suspicions and suggests that Charlotte might be more protective of Audrey than she would be of other students.
      -Seth is the Ravenclaw Seeker. It is, 100%, just a 'Darkside Seekers' pun.

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      1. EEEEEEE! I love all of these <3 Thank you so much for sharing them here.

        I can absolutely see those strained relationships, especially the Crockers and Duke (there are certain similarities between him and Sirius, I think, and I could definitely headcanon his family being like the Black family). Also Garland being less than impressed that Nathan ended up in Hufflepuff - he would absolutely see Hufflepuff as being a 'weaker' house and be disappointed that his son ended up there.

        OMG that bit with Garland and Duke and the Quidditch colours. Awesome. I can honestly picture it.

        Oooh dark magic connecting Audrey with William. Now that is a *very* intriguing idea. Is Charlotte still Audrey's mother in this 'verse? Is there a way of removing the dark magic without injuring them both again?

        Seth is definitely the Ravenclaw seeker. The world can always use more Haven and Harry Potter puns.

        Thank you again for sharing all of this <3 It's an amazing 'verse idea!

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        1. Ha! I'm flattered that you're so into it. <3 Here's a little bit more:

          -Yeah, the Crockers were an ancient family, absolutely of the 'very pureblood, way too good for any of Them' variety. The benefit Duke has over Sirius is that his father was dead, his mother AWOL, and the family mostly defunct by the time he got Sorted. After the Sorting, he did track down Wade- the only living relative he cared about- to tentatively ask if he was mad about it. Wade responded with an eye roll and, "What, that my baby brother's been declared bold and courageous? Yeah, I'll try to live with the shame." Wade is actually pretty supportive of Duke. It pretty much ends up making things worse.

          -Garland Wuornos is a very heavy-duty Gryffindor, and always raised Nathan with those values- be brave, take risks, be proud, fight for yourself. You're right, he absolutely looked down on Hufflepuffs as a weaker, Kumbaya-type house. When Nathan proves himself, finally, he gets a "You'd've made a fine Gryffindor."

          -Yes, Charlotte and Croatoan are still Audrey's parents. Charlotte had the baby in secret, afraid of what Croatoan might do with access to an impressionable kid, and left the baby on a Muggle orphanage doorstep, where Audrey remained until she got her Hogwarts letter. She assumes that she's probably Muggle-born, and is treated as such by her classmates. Eventually, though, she pieces together the truth, with Charlotte's willingness to practice dark magic to save her being one of the early clues. Her investigation leads her to Croatoan, who is furious at being denied his daughter, and eventually leads to him storming the castle.

          -Nobody can find a way to remove the dark magic, although they're operating with extremely incomplete information. For a while, they just live with it, even as William's obsession with Audrey gets more intense and dangerous. Croatoan convinces him that he can protect Audrey better than anyone else, and William sells the trio out so that he can find them. As a result, he ends up getting killed. Due to the bond, this is a pretty traumatizing experience for Audrey, but it also frees her from his creepy devotion.

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          1. Owwww, poor Duke :( (I do not need any excuse to get Duke feels)

            *nods* I like the idea that Garland ends up being proud of Nathan, Hufflepuff or not.

            The Charlotte/Croatoan/Audrey/William stuff is fascinating.

            I genuinely love the way you've headcanoned the two worlds and the two stories together. It's genius! <3

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          2. The Most Noble and Ancient House of Crocker! Heeeee! How fun!

            "You'd've made a fine Gryffindor." Ugh he's such a jerk! What a perfect Garland line!

            William selling them out ala Peter Pettigrew! How perfect! And then he bites it and their connection is broken! Thanks for one thing, Dad! I love it!

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      2. Duke getting Garland to properly support his son is the BEST!!!
        LOL Seth as a Seeker!

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