Comment on Immortal Resolve

  1. Elizabeth-P3

    Too much to comment on specifically! I'll just talk about Mama Leonis, I love that woman, I tried to make it seem like she came and went, mentally, throughout the story, and during certain times her needs were quite clear and then others she was just like 'idk what's going on'. And yeah, I love the idea of that I sort of wanted it to be that Gilgamesh sort of took everything from Cor (when he didn't even believe he had much), and the way he built himself after that made him who he was in the future/now.

    Iaijutsu is real, but Cor definitely does 'anime iaijutsu', and it seems like the animators rarely had him take the sword out all the way, it's super cool though.

    I love all the older gen men just being so much in love, not necessarily sexual, just... those boys saw some shit the same way Noct's posse did, so I love that they love each other, and when I write them I need to show them that way.

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