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  1. Hello ^^ I'm Liar game fan from Vietnam and I have read many your stories of Liar game and I like it very much >< !!! Too lovely! But now, in Vietnam there isn't any fanfics of Liar game and many fans in here really want to read it but half of them doesn't know English so I wanna ask you permission to translate your stories into Vietnamese. I hope you accept it. I swear I'll use them with full credit. Thanks for reading ! With love <3 I'm look forward to hearing from you <3 #Ami

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    1. A smug looking Kanzaki Nao from Liar Game


      Thank you for your message. I love hearing that people enjoy my Liar Game stories, and that they want to spread them to others. ^.^ You have my complete permission to translate my stories into Vietnamese.

      ~Dagas Isa

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      1. Thank you very much of accepting my asking >.< ! I'm sure I won't make you to be unsatisfied! Once again, Thank you very much <3 !!!
        With love <3

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