Comment on Hunger

  1. ;______; Thank you so much!!! I spent an inordinate amount of time thinking about the politics of this AU (I'm a law student, comes with the territory), so here Ben never fell, so Luke's Jedi weren't slaughtered. I also figured that there was no way in hells that the Jedi could be apolitical, since Snoke still runs the First order, Luke has to be vigilant with the Resistance in keeping the Order in check. And guh, Ben was a treat to write here since I figured he would end up drawn to the very thing that could damn him in a bid to prove to himself that he could win. And Hux, Hux is just so lost here. Considering his past, and probs his mother's relationship with his father, his loyalty to Snoke took a heavy blow here, especially with how Snoke pretty much whored him out for his benefit. Ben's gentleness towards Hux stems partly from a place of affinity, since he understands what it's like to be used and hurt by Snoke, and partly because. Well, Hux is fragile and alone. Ben knows that intimately. :(((( A sequel is percolating in my head rn, no idea how it'll end just yet. Thanks so much for loving this piece! :D

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