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  1. Rosa being built more as an archer than a mage in IV was always a favorite way of going about things for me in IV, although I never game her the Minerva Bustier if it came up (the drain it has on her spellcasting power is too much hassle); even in the DS version, she was more than capable when it came to healing, even without the boost that staves gave. I once built her to be even better at dealing damage quickly than Kain, especially against the Plague Horror (hooray for ranged weapons doing extra damage to flying enemies!) when going after his ultimate lance.

    That said, I really like how this fight scene went, Rosa taking advantage of Mateus' arrogance and vanity to counter her inexperience in combat in this realm. I really want to see how combat goes with her and Golbez, because I know that they're going to fight anyway at some point, ally of Cosmos or not. The goddess' mention of him needing to keep up appearances is a line far too important to not act upon.

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    1. I absolutely love all of your comments! Thank you so much for your continued support of this work! :)

      I never used the Minerva Buster either, and I did well with her as a white mage too. I never got her damage to be where I wanted it to be, or her defense. I just kept her in the back row. I'm not a good strategist - I tend to keep it basic and whack away at whatever I'm killing until it dies, with Rosa and Cecil casting white magic when they needed it. Cecil as a white mage REALLY was the problem because I needed his damage and missed out.

      Don't be so quick to judge where the plot's going to go! I hope to put tons of twists in! :D

      Thank you so much!

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