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  1. Indian street dog

    So this story, when I reread it, I remain impressed by how much you convey in such tiny vingettes.
    He looks more a Radha than she, little Naba Krishna, all lowered eyes and utter surrender.
    Oh Taramony. There is so much in here, about the Bhakti tradition, and what aspiring to be Radha means, and the strength and conviction in her, like Meera and Aandal.

    Elokeshi speaking in Bangla was perfect. Even if you can't speak it, when you've heard the sounds around you, there is really no substitute, and I can see, standing there with her pallu sliding carelessly off.

    That Deeti had a daughter, and she has none, is a sorrow she trains herself out of.
    Oh, Deeti. So, she is the character I love the most, I think she is awesome, and wonderful and heartbreaking, and this just captures her story. And I will cling to the hints that Deeti returns to her shrine because the idea that she has been separated forever from Kabutri is unbearable.

    It isn't a question she can answer, save in the negative.
    This is like the crux of being a woman, so many times, isn't it. And just the agency in her taking her haars etc off herself. It's strength so much more complex and quiet than sword-waving.

    And finally Putli. I've always resented her a little for being a white woman taking up space where another brown woman could be, but Amitav makes her real, and so does this nightmare.

    Thank you so much for writing me such a lovely story, from a source I have found so few people to share my joy of with.

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    1. Indian street dog

      Ahahahahaha! I knew this was you! Well, I was 99% sure, because there are other Bongs in fandom but still.

      I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! ::grabs you in a hug and dances around::

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      1. blood from the stone

        ::is danced around with:: I'm really happy you liked it. :D

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