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  1. Eeeee! Yay, I am so happy to see this! Love Cor and I was looking forward to this read since I saw it.

    LOL, I absolutely LOVE that it was Clarus taking over for Cor's original judge, and that his rap sheet at 12 is mind boggling ^o^ Also Clarus being shocked that he's not older. I absolutely love it that Cor starts on the wrong side of the law and then ends up as Marshal of the Crownsguard and his personality eventually does a 180. From a rough and tumble firecracker to a stoic badass once he's an adult.

    I loved him asking Clarus to punch him, that hardcore little shit

    And AH, his first battle. From the very first fight already rumors about his greatness, 'he killed 500 MTs!, took a grenade to the chest! He's immortal!'. I love that he was nervous about being put into command but then automatically and naturally jumped into it when he had to. He is a prodigy. He's a kid commanding like a man, and leading people so much older than him. But then they follow him as well, he has that natural leadership that makes people believe in him and want to follow.

    And as much as it made me really sad, I loved that he went home and cried with his mother, I like that you showed the emotional side of war and let Cor cry. I get so tired of the "tired, grizzled soldier that shows no emotion". It's boring. Let boys cry. And it makes so much sense. He's 15 years old, he's a child soldier, he just killed for the first time. That's a lot to handle. Plus the fact that his life has always been hard and now the war.

    I loved these lines:
    “Someday, someday he'd have an awesome beard.” -Had myself a giggle at that. I really did.

    “The Captain was just as fond as Clarus was of using Cor to prove a recruit was a piece of shit who couldn't put a kid with a cracking voice on the ground.” and ""...drill sergeant with a cracking voice” -Lmao. Poor Cor and puberty, also he's tiny and powerful.

    I really liked that the death of Cor's mom was his main catalyst for going to Gilgamesh. It gave it more depth that just "jumped up little shit that thinks his skills are the greatest".

    “Do you dare risk all for naught in return?"- love that you gave that line to Clarus. It gives that line a lot more weight when Cor gives them to Gladio.

    Cor opening up to Clarus after Gilgamesh was really well done, and again thank you for Cor's emotions.

    "Cor mostly just stood around and looked menacing. He was reasonable at that now, although he knew it was mostly due to his reputation more so than his actual presence.."- bby you’ll grow into that glower.

    Really good take on what the falling out between Regis and Cid was. And Cor crying again, I love it. It all fits. Man, I really with they'd do XV-2 with the old guard going on their trip to Altissa. I am so curious about what everyone was like.

    "...just an acknowledgement that they were three men on the edge of a cliff and trying not to fall." I really loved this line.

    The epilogue with Gladio was great closure for this story. Thanks for writing such amazing, quality stuff for us. I appreciate it so much <3

    Now off to read the time travel one :D

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    1. Elizabeth-P3

      I'm glad you enjoyed it! Yeah I've been wanting to write some bb!Cor for a while and after I got the sort of 'punk kid' idea it wouldn't leave and I had to finish it.

      Yeah I think one of the things that really struck me is that no matter how good you are (or how much of a prodigy you are) you're still going to be a kid. As some of the guys said they have a hard time remembering that he's just 15 sometimes because of how much gets put on him... but he feels all of it.

      Although sometimes it can be meaningful and interesting to have someone be hardened to that shit, but I felt like Cor wouldn't be.

      I also felt really strongly about giving Cor a *good* reason to go to Gilgamesh, not just 'hot headed ego flex', and I felt like the loss of the war and his mother all at once just really made him snap and feel like he needed what Gilgamesh and the Tempering Ground were supposedly offering.

      Yeah I worried including Clarus's 'do you dare risk all' wouldn't quiiiiite fit the tone, but I think it turned out pretty well.

      I would love XV-2 so much.

      Thank you for the wonderful comments. Hopefully you enjoy the silly time travel fic! It really was sitting in my queue waiting to get posted but I finally did it.

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