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  1. Are you one of squaresoft's developing team? If you say yes, i'll believe you. ,___, this is so good. I mean it's beyond good; i praise your plotting and all those limited details about cor weaving together... and you throw in his mother and everything makes sense; the driving, the motive, the spirits and his emotions even his personality ,__, dear god, you make me cry when clarus said 'he might end up with the kid'

    I thank you for this complete cor's back story that even squaresoft might not be as perfect.

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    1. Elizabeth-P3

      I wish I got paid to do this, I really do!

      Thanks, yeah I put a good bit of thought into Cor and his backstory and motives. It sort of made me think that he must have been almost on his own since he was 13 when he enlisted, but it also never made sense why Cor would be so gung ho to go to the Tempering Grounds at such a young age with no particular catalyst. So I gave him his mother, and her very young death, as yet another person he survived and the way it made him feel so helpless to not be able to save her, or Lucis, or anyone else.

      I love the Clarus+Cor relationship, so it's always fun when I get to elaborate on that.

      I'm really glad you enjoyed it! Thank you so much.

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