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  1. Well, now that the original Aftertale ended with Geno getting to the surface with the others...
    Classic Sans still holds all memories of Castia and will try to find her. Geno would tag along because- what else could they do?
    But they are unsuccessful.
    Until a faithful Halloween night...

    A normal person would continue but. I LITERALLY make these stuff up as I go! XD

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    1. Wow maybe that if we chose another variant it would be egg-celent but... Wait a minute...Geno is Sans and here there is another Sans and they love Castia not in the platonic way then... omg if Aftertale would be chosen then there will be love triangle or maybe ... threesome but without sleep...
      Reader.exe stop working.
      I think you broke my mind left me scrambled here

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      1. Probably a jealousy thing here-
        Imagine being jealous of yourself sorta- because they're both hitting on the same person. =)

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