Comment on Fight Like Hell (For The Chance To Hold You Again)

  1. You're right! I'm protective of every character I create/like (probably *too* protective.)
    ...but I'm glad there's conflicting opinions about Ace.

    Kaidan knows how much Ace means to John, so that's why he's so accepting. Also, I don't find him to be, "a jealous boyfriend who would do everything in his power to break them apart." Imo, he just wants Shep to be happy, and he's willing to wait for him for as long as it takes. There's jealousy, of course -- which is only human -- but he wouldn't sabotage anything because of it. He's also well-aware that Ace is the best shot at getting his memories back. You could say that Shep 'needs' Ace right now. Kaidan only wished that John needed *him* and not Ace... which is really sad, now when I think about it. Damn, I made myself upset. Karma's a bitch, I guess.

    I'm glad the way I write Kaidan makes you feel that way ;*

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