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Coffee Break (For Your Memory)

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Memory repair after neuralyzation is a tricky business.  Almost on par with being of origin on a backwater planet and yet saving the universe, time and again.

Every so often, there’s a jolt as K’s memory jogs itself.

Standing by the coffee machine, he asks, “Whatever happened to Lauren?”

J sputters and coughs and struggles to come up with an explanation.  The question resolves itself.

“Hey, K,” Agent L smiles to see him, “Glad you’re back.”

Which has J sputtering for a different reason altogether.

“Wait, you’re... no, I thought you-....”

L glances at J, and K has half a second to slip his glasses on before the neuralyzer flashes.  K slides his glasses down; at his expression, L’s smile grows wry.

“Never date a coworker,” she explains deftly, with a bare hint of regret.

“Good to have you on board,” K replies cordially.

Blinking at L, J starts to recover and his eyes widen in surprise.  K scrambles to slide his glasses back in place as the neuralyzer flashes.  Again.

“Sorry to rush,” L grabs her coffee.  “I should get back to work.”

“I’ll explain it to him,” K promises.

The neuralyzer flashes, once more.  K waves after her.