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Bigger Than You Think

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This Yuletide offering is an interactive narrative! It is not hosted on the AO3 server. Instead, please visit:

You will play the story directly in your web browser. (Javascript is required.) It is a choice-based game. Every few paragraphs, you will have the opportunity to decide what happens next in the story. Type one of the boldface words (or click on it) to select an option. You may always type (or click) "START" to return to the beginning.

The story contains roughly 5000 words of content, although of course any given run-through will be shorter.

Bigger Than You Think is a game, or game-like experience. It contains secrets and things to uncover. The story can end several ways; one ending is "the best" ending, if I may say so, but it is not easy to reach.

Because of this, I am pre-declaring that the comments below are a spoiler zone! Feel free to discuss what you have discovered in the comments. If you want to play entirely on your own, don't read the comments.

If you are interested in the source code, look at Needless to say, the source code is also made of spoilers.