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Be My Valentine

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"Damn!" Oded mutttered in frustration as he looked at the meager selection of cards. It was Valentine's Day and he was late. He had been held up in interviews all day. He had hoped to shop at lunch, but had not had time. Now it was past six and all the nicest cards were gone.
"Well, at least I can still take her out for a nice dinner," Oded said to himself.
He picked out a card and selected a box of candy. The candy selection was better, but not by much. Oded glanced at the clock over the counter as he paid for the card and candy. 'Good,' he thought, 'I still have time to shower and change.'
He went out to his car and put the card and candy on the seat next to the bouquet of red carnations he had bought. The florist had been out of roses. Oded took a minute to sign the card before he drove home.
When Oded arrived home he left the card and candy on the hall table, then took the flowers into the kitchen. She was standing at the stove, stirring something in a pot.
"Hey, baby," Oded said, going ot her and putting his arms around her waist.
"Hi, Oded," she said, turning to kiss him. Oded returned the kiss, sliding his tongue into her mouth. After a few moments they parted and Oded handed her the carnations.
"These are for you, babe," he said. "I wanted to get roses, but they were out. I'm sorry."
"It's all right, Dedi," she said. "These are beautiful."
"I'll put them in water for you," Oded said, getting a vase from the cupboard.
"I have a surprise for you, Dedi," she said. "I'm fixing all your favorite dishes. I had your mother send me the recipes."
"That's great, baby," Oded said. "It smells great." He reached for the phone.
"What are you doing, Dedi?" she asked curiously.
"I'm cancelling our reservations," Oded said. "I was going to take you out for a nice dinner."
"Oh, Dedi, I'm sorry I spoiled your plans," she said. "I just wanted to surprise you."
"It's ok, baby," Oded said. He hugged her. "How soon will dinner be ready? I'm starved."
"It won't be long," she said.
"Ok," Oded said. "I'll be down soon, sweetie." He kissed her softly, then she turned back to the stove.
Oded made the call to the restaurant, then went upstairs to shower. Since it was Valentine's Day, he didn't dress in jeans and a shirt as he usually would. When Oded went downstairs he was wearing nice pants and one of his dress shirts.
"You look gorgeous, Dedi," she said as she put the vase of carnations on the table. It was already set with their best china.
"So do you, babe," Oded said. She had changed into a white eyelet blouse and matching skirt.
"Dinner is ready," she said, heading into the kitchen. Oded helped her bring the food to the table, then held her chair for her.
"That was great, babe," Oded said as they finished dessert.
"I'm glad," she said. "I was hoping it would be. I've never tried to cook Middle Eastern food before."
"You did great," Oded assured her.
They went into the living room. She placed the vase of carnations on a table near the sofa. Then she turned out the lights and lit candles she had placed around the room. A fire was already burning in the fireplace. When she went into the kitchen, Oded got the candy and the card.
"I thought we could have some wine," she said, setting a bottle and two glasses on the coffee table. "This is for you," Oded said as he handed her the candy and the card. He poured the wine while she opened the card.
"Oh, what a cute card!" she smiled. "And you know I love chocolate. Thank you, love."
"I'm sorry I couldn't find anything better," Oded said. "The store was almost out of cards. I love you, babe. I really wanted to make this day special."
"Oded, every day with you is special," she said. "I know you love me. And I love you too."
She set her wineglass down and put her arms around his neck, leaning in to kiss him. Oded responded by slipping his tongue into her mouth. The taste of her was more intoxicating than the wine, and Oded could feel the flames of desire racing through his body. He raised his hands to her breasts, massaging them through her clothing.
"Oh, Dedi. . .you know I love that. . ." she said when they parted to breathe.
"I know, baby," Oded said. He kissed her again, their tongues meeting in a dance of passion. Oded trailed kisses down her neck to her breasts as he unbuttoned her blouse and unhooked the front of her bra. She let the clothing slide to the sofa as his mouth covered her breast, sucking hotly, nibbling at the sensitive nipple before he moved to suck her other breast.
"Dedi. . ." she moaned. "Ooh, that's good. . ." She reached for the buttons on his shirt and Oded leaned back, helping her remove his shirt. He lay back on the sofa, moaning softly as she ran her hands over his chest and stomach.
"Oh, yes, babe. . ." Oded groaned softly as he felt her tongue on one of his nipples. She looked at him and grinned, reaching down to feel his obvious arousal. His manhood was fully erect, pushing at the fabric of his pants. Oded groaned as her touch fanned the flames of his desire. She turned her attention back to Oded's chest. She spent several minutes licking and sucking his nipples before she moved down his stomach.
"Come here, baby," Oded said, reaching for the waistband of her skirt. She stood, letting the garment fall to the floor. Oded removed her white panties and then pulled her to him and kissed her deeply. She could feel his erection pressing tightly against her.
"Dedi. . ." she sighed in desire, pressing her body against his. They kissed deeply again, then laid together on the floor.
"You are so beautiful, baby," Oded said as he massaged her breasts again. She moaned in desire as he sucked her breasts for a few moments, then trailed kisses down her stomach. He parted her legs, slipping a finger into her slick wetness. She cried out in pleasure as he replaced his finger with his tongue.
"Dedi!" she cried out, feeling the waves of passion growing ever more intense. When he moved to lick her jewel, she nearly screamed at the pleasure. The waves of desire were so intense she felt she would burst. It was only moments before she was screaming out her ecstasy as her orgasm hit her.
"Come here, love," she said when she could breathe again. She knelt between Oded's legs as she reached for the zipper on his pants.
"Oh yes. . ." Oded sighed as she unzipped his pants, freeing his erection from the confining fabric. He helped her remove his pants, then lay back. He moaned in pleasure as she lightly ran her fingers along the length of his swollen manhood. She looked up at him, grinning, then lowered her mouth to his erection.
"Oh, baby -- " Oded cried out as he felt her mouth on his engorged penis. "Is that good, Dedi?" she asked, smiling playfully. "Oh, yes, baby. . ." Oded groaned as she teased himby licking the tip of his erection before she took it into her mouth again. Reluctantly, Oded pulled away from the delicious suction of her mouth. He kissed her deeply as she laid back.
"Make love to me, Oded," she pleaded. "I need you inside me."
"Oh, yes, baby," Oded groaned as he positioned himself, the tip of his erection pushing at the entrance to her femininity. "Please, Dedi, please. . ." she begged, raising her hips to draw him inside her. In one swift movement he sheathed himself inside her. Oded groaned in pleasure as he thrust himself into her. Their bodies moved in rhythm as she met each thrust of his swollen manhood. "You're so good, baby. . ." Oded groaned, feeling the passion grow ever more intense. He leaned down to kiss her deeply.
"Oded!" she cried out, nearing orgasm again. "Oh god -- " Then she was screaming out her passion and ecstasy as she reached her climax.
"Oh yes, baby -- " Oded groaned, feeling her body convulse around him. That was enough to send him over the edge. He thrust deep into her, crying out her ecstasy as his seed burst from him. Then they collapsed together, breathless. "Oh, baby, that was great," Oded said, kissing her deeply. "Yes," she agreed. "That was the perfect Valentine. Happy Valentine's Day, Oded."