Trick or Treat 2014

Trick or Treat is an exchange in the style of exchanges like Yuletide or Purim Gifts. It is inspired by a real world holiday. You do not need to celebrate Halloween to participate in this exchange. Each person will receive at least one gift. The gift will be a trick or a treat. A trick should be more horror, occult, supernatural, or scary. A treat should be more sweet, sexy, or fluffy. These are a bit vague to give the writer/artist room for how they interpret trick or treat.

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(Open, Unmoderated, Gift Exchange Challenge)

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Trick or Treat is meant to be a low stress, fun exchange. The theme for this exchange is “trick or treating”. “Trick or treating” is a tradition done in several regions for Halloween. Children knock on the doors of their neighbors while wearing costumes. When the door is opened the children say “trick or treat”. The person is supposed to either give them a small piece of candy or the children will play a trick on them. The idea is applied to this exchange by the writer/artist either giving their recipient a trick (horror, occult, supernatural, scary, etc) or a treat (sweet, sexy, fluffy, etc.).



What is exchanged?
You can exchange either fic with a minimum of 300 words or a piece of artwork at the nice sketch stage. The sketch cannot be on lined paper. There is no upper limit.

Why is the minimum so low?
This exchange is inspired by Halloween. On Halloween children typically get small pieces of candy from adults. Based on this it is only appropriate that a Halloween based exchange have a lower requirement than other exchanges.

What fandoms are eligible?
There are no rarity requirements for this. Traditional fandoms, RPF, and some fanworks are eligible. You can also request Original Works.

There are three rules for RPF:
1. For contemporary RPF the individuals must be over the age of 18.
2. Non-famous friends and family are not eligible
3. The person in question can be removed from the tagset at the request of the individual

What are nominations?
Nominations is where you nominate the fandoms and characters that you are interested in receiving in this exchange. Each person can nominate four fandoms with four characters from each fandom. This means a total of sixteen possible characters.

What is the minimum/maximum for signing up?
You must make 3-10 requests. Each request has one fandom, 1-10 characters, and 1-2 mediums. You must make 4-10 offers. Each offer has one fandom, 2-10 characters, and 1-2 mediums. Any can be selected for characters and medium. Any means any nominated not any character in the fandom. If only one character is nominated for a fandom you want to offer then just select any to make sign ups work.

You also have the option to add optional details or a letter. These can be very useful to give your writer/artist ideas for possible tricks and treats. It can also be invaluable for telling them what you do not want at all. Authors/artist should respect the do not want list, however the requester should not abuse it to try and force the author/artist into a corner.

What if no one offers what I request?
Then you will go to the pinch hit list and someone will claim you.

What if I can’t complete my assignment?
Then please default ASAP. The sooner you do the sooner a pinch hitter can take over your assignment and make a gift. If you default then you will not go to the pinch hit list if your writer/artist defaults.


Other General Exchange Questions?
Check out this general exchange faq.



1. You get a gift. You give a gift.

2. Placeholders at the time of reveals result in a ban.

3. Respect Do Not Wants

4. Make a fic or art of one of the requester's fandoms with at least one of their requested characters.