the old guard vault

a collection of the best old guard fics i've read (ymmv, obviously)

yusuf/nicolò (tagged: best nicky/joe)
andromache/quỳnh (tagged: best andy/quynh)
sébastien/nile (tagged: best book of nile)

does contain fics with explicit content

most fics are completed; if not they will be tagged in-progress fic (only if it's a personal favourite/almost complete)

story tags:
pre-canon fic: taking place before the events of the movie (usually without nile)
post-canon fic: taking place after the events of the movie (might include nile, booker's exile, & quỳnh's return)
modern!au fic: taking place in a modern setting (ie no immortals)
canon divergence fic: self-explanatory
alternate canon fic: specific aspect of canon changed (ie joe in the iron maiden)
au fic: completely au; usually with historical/fantasy elements
more specific tags to come!

(Open, Moderated)

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