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Untitled III

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Untitled III by Broken Angel

Untitled III
by Broken Angel

You are silent
  the corners of your
         - bleeding -
twisted into a bitter smile
 a thin stream of red flowing gently
       from one corner
  of your lips.
 Head turned away from me
  green eyes downcast
my fist still aches from the impact
      that it made against your mouth
 and your teeth striking my knuckle
have opened a small wound that
              minutely, and stings.
It is one of the few physical injuries
  you have
          dealt me.
I am full of rage - but also -
For I know that
 if you chose
   you could kill me easily.
           You are, after all,
          in the art of ending a life.
But still
   despite the abuse
the hatred
  the inumerable blows
you don't hit back
you say
  'don't touch me'
 as though the words themselves
        will shield you from my fists.
  -Broken Angel

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