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by Griva

Title: Sizzle
Rating: R
Notes: a 200 words ficlet, answer to the Too Darn Hot challenge

Oppressive July midday. Air like a blanket.

I walk, you stroll, I imagine that from the rear, we resemble quite a peculiar couple...

You must be grinning. You have even, white teeth and a crooked smile that makes your eyes crinkle every time you flash it at someone. Your eyes, serrated jade blades, cut into the back of my skull, where I know your gaze rests. They can see my thoughts; they know the striptease playing through my mind on repeat. A loop of obscenities and vulgarities that would terrify most, but not you.

Stalking behind me with long, slinking steps, I know your gaze slips lower. Down to where my jeans do not quite cover my hips and my damp shirt stuck to my shoulder-blades. You could fit your hands around my waist, or very nearly, long hands with treacherous fingers. Exquisite hands, for all that your nails are bitten off and your cuticles are ragged. I can picture your hips, slim, and how the flesh must still be taut between them.

"Lead on," you say. It gives me chills, the fluidity with which a Russian accent slips into your speech.

"Get naked," I croak.

I feel daring.



June 2005

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