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Easter by Twisted Sister

Twisted Sister

"Walter, wake up."

Skinner opened his eyes and squinted at the clock. "Mulder, it's 6:30 on a Sunday morning." He looked at his lover who was straddling him. The bright, mischievous look on the other man's face was enough to make him forget his annoyance about being woken up on one of the few days he could sleep in. He reached up to pull him toward him, but Mulder easily eluded him.

"None of that now. It's Easter and I have a Hunt planned."

Skinner stared at him in disbelief. "You hid eggs?" Sometimes Mulder's flakyness was a bit difficult to take first thing in the morning.

"No, something better. There are now colored condoms and small tubes of flavored lubricant all over your apartment and it's up to you to find them. Don't bother with your robe, I've been dreaming of you peeking under the sofa bucknaked."