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Welcome to the second annual Teen Wolf Remix!

Remix is where you offer up your existing fanwork as a base from which another fanwork creator will make their own. In return, you get to play in someone else's sandbox XD

Remix is open to authors, artists, vidders, and podficcers. Please see FAQ > Eligibility for more details. We've tried our best to be inclusive with the FAQ and Rules, if you do come across somewhere where it says 'fic' or 'write' go ahead and assume we're referring to all eligible mediums :D

For as-it-happens info, follow on dreamwidth, twitter, or get updates via email with an IFTTT account. We also have a tumblr, and an IRC chat.

Questions? Comments?




  • Signups Open: 14th December 2014
  • Signups Close: 14th January 2015
  • Assignments Posted: 19th January 2015
  • Assignments Due/Deadline: 14th March 2015 (posted works will show as Mystery Works until story reveal)
  • Work Reveals: 16th - 22nd March 2015 (works will be revealed on a staggered schedule and will be credited to 'Anonymous' until Creator reveals)
  • Author Deanon: 31st March 2015 (this is when the 'Anonymous' comes off your work)

What in the holy heck is a remix and how do I create one?

Basically, you offer up your existing fanwork as a base from which another fanwork creator will make their own. In return, you get to play in someone else's sandbox XD

Fanlore.org has an entry here that you may like to check out.

Ways to Remix - You could create an AU of your chosen fanwork (check out the AU rules in the Rules section), you could create a prior to canon (and we're talking about your chosen fanwork canon, not Teen Wolf canon) work, or futurefic, or you could write missing scenes or a part of the story from the POV of a different character.

For the purposes of this fest, a remix remains within the same fictional universe as the remixed work, though there may be small changes to that universe. In other words, the characters you write/draw/etc must be the same version of the characters as in the remixed work, and this must be evident. Writing a completely new story with a similar theme does not qualify as a remix.


You will need to have a minimum of three complete posted remixable works in each of the categories you sign up for as an author. This means that if you have only one M/M, and only two M/F works (for example), you are not eligible. Your remixer may be comfortable only writing M/M (for example). This ensures each participant has a minimum three works to choose from.

At least one of the three eligible works must be between 1000 and 10,000 words (or reasonable equivalent in your chosen medium).

  • Your eligible works must be remixable. In the case of already remixed work, this may not be the case. Original author/artist permissions may be an issue, and we'd like to avoid any conflicts. This might particularly be an issue for podficcers, and we apologise for that. However, many podficcers are also authors, or perhaps artists, or you may have recorded podfic of your own work that is eligible. You do not have to create a remix in the same medium as those you have entered as eligible works. So you can sign up with three eligible fics, for example, and go on to make a remix vid.
  • You do not have to sign up for every category. If you have 3 remixable works in any one category, you are eligible.
  • If you have more than 3 fanworks in a category, you do not have to choose. All your complete and original posted work will be available for your remixer to choose from - including any in categories you didn't include in your Author Category Signup, as a remixer may be assigned to you who is comfortable making fanworks in those other categories. You will still be able to sign up to remix any category you are comfortable with.

If you're not eligible, please sign up as a pinch hitter, we'd love to have you!

You will need an Archive of Our Own account to join in. Your own works must be archived on AO3 in order to take part (this is in part to allow your remixer ease of navigating and reading and in part to get the nifty wee 'this work inspired by' and 'works inspired by this one' links on both the remix and the original). If you do not currently have an AO3 account, go here to request an invite and start uploading your fanworks! If you have trouble getting an invite, email us at the collection email address above as soon as possible so we can get one for you.

Please upload your works before you sign up, in order to reduce moderator stress ;)


AO3 does this for us, for the most part. You are guaranteed a match on one category only and we'll be doing our best to match as many characters and relationships as possible. Some things (author warnings and remixer vetoes, for example) will be manually matched, so please be as fair and accurate in your signups as possible. Your 'Offer' signup is very important. If you're comfortable making fanworks in it, please add it. This will reduce our reliance on pinch hitters *begs*

Person A will be assigned to remix person B who will be assigned to remix person C and so on. It's very unlikely that the author or artist you are assigned will be assigned your work to remix.

I'm worried my remixer might turn my story into something I object to!

You will have the right to veto certain themes when you sign up. This only applies to moral objections as listed under Definitions > Vetoes and Warnings. You will not be able to veto tropes (eg ABO, mpreg, xeno), nor will you be allowed to prompt your remixer. You will be able to veto in your 'Offer' section as well.

In your sign up, you will similarly be expected to warn for extreme content if your available fanworks have an overabundance of it (for example, if you do not have the minimum 3 extreme-squick-free fanworks to choose from). The mods will manually match to the best of their ability to ensure that no one gets squicked out too much.



These are the categories that will be available to you in the signup
form. Statements in brackets are for the purposes of Remix to make
matching straightforward.

  • F/F (including three-or-moresomes with only female participants)
  • F/M
  • M/M (including three-or-moresomes with only male participants)
  • Gen (no pairing or romance, definitely no sex)
  • Multi (for the purposes of Remix, any three-or-moresome including both male AND female participants, so M/M/F or M/F/F etc)
  • Other (trans*, genderfuck, or xeno fic might be 'Other', but we'll leave that up to you)

For the purposes of Remix (and life :p), if a character identifies as a particular gender, then they are that gender.

Vetoes and Warnings

Vetoes and warnings relate to moral objections only:

  • Rape/Non-con
  • Incest
  • Shota (extreme underage)
  • Bestiality (true animals - despite common usage, this term does not apply to Alpha form werewolves)

That's it. That's the list. If there are things you object to strongly on moral grounds that may not have occurred to us, email us at teenwolfremix@gmail.com and we'll evaluate it. Common fandom tropes such as ABO, knotting, or xeno need not apply.

You may only veto themes on the veto list! Remember: your remixer is not obliged to please you—they are not writing for you, but for themselves.

You will be required to warn in your signup if any of these themes feature in your fanworks, only if you do not have the minimum 3 works for eligibility without them. Seriously, if you have 20 fics, and one has non-con themes, we don't need to know. As long as your warnings are adequate, your remixer can decide for themselves if they want to read it. And if it's not on the list, you don't need to detail it in your signup at all.

The Scary Signup Form

It's not, really. Check out the Signup Form for details. All the instructions you need are there.

You can edit your signup throughout the signup period. Click 'My Sign-up' in the menu and then 'Edit Sign-up'.

Argh! None of these pairings are my OTP!

If you're not comfortable working with any of the pairings your author has fanworks tagged with, you have options. Shift your focus to one of the secondary characters or pairings in a fanwork and write their version of events. Or go back in time to before those characters got together and create a gen fanwork. Alternatively, you could try something you've never done before XD We'll be working to match by ship if possible this year, so this is a lot less likely to happen now :)

How Do I Post to the Collection?

A Remix specific tutorial will be posted to walk you through it after assignments have been sent out.

You can post your remix as soon as it's ready (don't forget to get it beta'd!), but make sure you actually post to the collection, otherwise your remix will be revealed before time and that would ruin the fun.

Once posted to the collection, your remix will show as a Mystery Work, ready to be revealed after all the works are in :D

Once your work has been revealed (you'll need to watch for this, as you won't get a notification), you may like to edit the post date so it appears at the top of AO3's tag filters. As works are revealed they'll be announced, so make sure you're subscribed.

Pinch Hit and Beta Offers

If you'd like to offer to pinch hit, you can add yourself to the list using this form. We'll love you forever! We also have a beta sign up form here. If you haven't had any luck finding a suitable beta in your own circles, email us at teenwolfremix@gmail.com and we'll do our best to match you up with someone appropriate.


BY-NC-SA: Permission given to modify and use these guidelines and rules elsewhere, in whole or in part, with credit.



Thou Shalt

  • Be over 18 (we're not matching for rating).
  • Write 1000 words or more (or equivalent in chosen medium).
  • Create the remix you want to create.
  • Run a spellcheck. Read for grammar. Use a beta.
  • Follow the AU rules below.
  • Remix authors original (not a prior remix of another's work) and complete fanworks only.
  • Default ASAP, if you have to default at all. A pinch hitter will have to fill your assignment, please give them as much time to do so as possible. Also, see defaulting notes below.
  • Email teenwolfremix@gmail.com with questions, concerns, complaints1, panics and flails.
  • Post by the deadline. You've got two months to complete your remix and the minimum wordcount is 1k. Manage your time appropriately.

1We're not perfect. If something's not working for you, let us know. Maybe we can do something about it.

Thou Shalt Not

  • Post anywhere else until after Author/Artist Reveals (when the 'Anonymous' comes off your work)
  • Tell anyone other than your prereader/beta who you are remixing (because this is an ANON challenge)
  • Introduce themes your author has vetoed.
  • Prompt your remixer (including in profile or fanwork notes).
  • Write crossovers unless the fanwork you are remixing is already a crossover.
  • Bust up the main pairing to switch to your own OTP or for any other reason.
  • Be precious.
  • Bitch about your remixee/remixer. If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.
  • Start or participate in wank related to Remix. Don't report it to us, either. We don't do wank. Big fans of proper wanking though.
  • Default after the deadline has passed. If that happens, you won't be able to play next year :(

AU Rules for the purposes of Remix

There are so many different shades of Alternate Universe, so what is allowed when you're remixing someone elses fanwork?

Minor AU - what if a slightly different choice was made? How would that affect the storyline and the characters? This is fine, and encouraged.

Major AU - remixing close-to-canon into an all human coffee shop AU (for example). This is not okay for reasons that should be obvious. The reverse also applies.

You need to work with the world your author/artist has created. A Butterfly Effect situation is cool as long as we see the progress of change and it is minor. No butterfly flaps it's wings a million years ago and now werewolves don't exist (or do exist, depending on the source) situation. If you're concerned, feel free to email us at teenwolfremix@gmail.com.

For the purposes of this fest, a remix remains within the same fictional universe as the remixed work, though there may be small changes to that universe. In other words, the characters you write/draw/etc must be the same version of the characters as in the remixed work, and this must be evident. Writing a completely new story with a similar theme does not qualify as a remix.


If you cannot complete your remix, hit the default button on your assignment. Do this as soon as you know you cannot continue!

Your remixer may be given another assignment, however, defaulting does not withdraw your consent to have your fanwork remixed.

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