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The Ao3 version of the Star Trek XI Het Kink Meme located at . Users (anon optional) can make prompts here or on the LJ. Sign up to make a prompt.



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Anonymous prompt fills:
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*No pairing, character, prompt, or fill bashing. If you don't like something, SCROLL pass it. Commenting on it will only lead to drama. No one is forcing you to read/fill anything. If you really need to vent, you can do so at various locations.

*Het pairings only (3somes and more). Genderswaped characters are allowed but please specify in your prompt.

*Please include the pairing in the subject line. There is no limit to how much you can post at one time.

*Posting prompts from other memes is allowed. Copy and paste. Do not just link it in a comment.

*No RPF Please

Please post your fills here on Ao3 as well and in other places (LJ, DW, Ao3, Tumblr,,, etc) so others can find them. Thank You