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Trust Fall

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Yesterday was Qui-Gon’s funeral. Today they stand on the roof of Theed’s tallest building.

“Why are we here?” Anakin asks, peering down to the ground cautiously. The drop is positively vertiginous.

“First lesson,” Obi-Wan says and kneels, his back toward Anakin. “Climb on.”

A moment’s hesitation, then Anakin obeys.

Obi-Wan rises—

“Hold on tightly,” he says—

And leaps.

They fall together like they’re flying. It feels exhilarating.

Obi-Wan lands feather-light on his feet.

Afterwards, Anakin demands to know how he did it.

“I trusted in the Force,” Obi-Wan explains, smiling. “Trust in me, and you will learn to do likewise.”