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The official ao3 collection for writetomyheart, a shiritori writing game hosted on LiveJournal. If you've participated or are currently participating, please feel free to add crossposted shiritori fics to this collection. Please see the ao3 f.a.q. and rules for more information.

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About write to my heart (shiritori)

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Here we're playing fic shiritori, in which we go in turns posting short fics that begin with the end of the previous fic! Example:

K finishes a drabble with: [...] and together they watch as the rocket ship disappears into the stratosphere.

R goes after K and begins with: The stratosphere was Fujigaya’s favorite place to think. [...]

Shiritori is, at the core of it, a writing challenge and a speed game. In the spirit of this, we're constantly evolving the game to set up new challenges for ourselves or else to help move things along. For instance, we've established teams to move things along quicker after getting 10+ participants, etc. Keep up! ;)

-taken from this introduction text on the writetomyheart community profile.



Where are Team Pilot's rounds?
Team Pilot's rounds series can be found here.

Do I have to crosspost to ao3?
No, it's completely optional.

If I crosspost to ao3, do I need to add my fics to this collection?
No, that's entirely up to you. However, please note the next question.

I have sonic fics. Do I just add them to this collection too?
No, please add them to the sonic_shiritori subcollection.

I've chosen to post on ao3, and just link to the work on the community. Do I need to add my fic to this collection?
Yes. This is the only circumstance in which we do ask you to please add your fic to the collection. Apart from this, it's completely optional.

I used to participate in shiritori and have old fics that I've crossposted to ao3. Can I add them to the collection?
Yes! It's completely optional, but if you'd like to add them, please do!



Please check the rules/f.a.q. post for the full details on how and where we play.