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Voices by Reddi

Title: Voices
Author: Reddi

Summary: In the midst of The Animal Awakens: Fire and Rain (co-incidentally to be found at my fic site!! :-)), when Samantha can hear so much she talks of the one voice that can penetrate her mind.
Disclaimer: I don't own 'em. I got nothing here!! In fact, I have less than nothing. I have 'othing. When you really think about it, I own very little, except maybe my weird and wacky imagination. Hope you enjoy... if so mail me and tell me. If not, mail me and rant at me. Look, just mail me... 'k?


You sound like the summer rain...
Sweet and humid....
You sound like the winter snow...
Beautiful and pure
You sound like the spring flowers...
Vibrant and passionate
You sound like the autumn gold.....
So precious and unique

You ,
I worship
I adore
I love
I die for

Red @