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Amygdala, Chapter 1 of 6

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Amygdala, Chapter 1 of 6

Amygdala, Chapter 1 of 6

by A. K. Naten

     From: "A.K." <ak>
     Date: Thursday, October 17, 2002 5:48 PM
     Okay, so here's that "italics" story that I worked on, then
     forgot... then worked on, then forgot... ahem.  - A.K.

     Title:    Amygdala, Chapter 1 of 6
     by:       A. K. Naten
     Rated:    R-ish 
     Summary:  A short Scully/Reyes story

Cross-Post: Okay, but my name stays intact and it'd be nice if you'd notify me first.

THIS IS A F/F PIECE. If you're under 18, get lost; you won't appreciate this.

I've had this piece sitting on a disk collecting dust for awhile, until I recently unearthed it and got going with it again, for some reason. I tried to make it a short-story and keep it brief - my apologies if it doesn't make much sense; it probably isn't one of my better efforts (...should I be admitting that??). I don't know when it's supposed to take place - obviously Muldork isn't around, and I guess William isn't either; so let's just pretend that he and Muldork are on a really long vacation someplace while this piece takes place, or something - play "suspension of canon" with me for just a moment, okay??

The customary and usual details and descriptions are contained herein, and yes, there is some ANGST too. If you don't like any of that, then bail now. Also, there's really no sex either, so if this is too vanilla for you, BAIL, and don't give me grief. Things jump from first-person-Scully to first-person-Monica throughout.

No beta-reader, sorry, so please forgive any errors that are out there.

DISCLAIMER: The characters of Dana Scully, Monica Reyes, etc., belong to Chris Carter, Ten Thirteen Productions, Fox Broadcasting, etc., etc., and are used without permission; I'm just borrowing them. Besides, the show's over and CC isn't doing shit with them anyway. No copyright infringement is intended, etc., etc., yadda, yadda.

Chapter 1

Blue Monday

The noise of a ringing phone stirs me from my sleep. I blink my eyes several times and find myself staring, blurry-eyed, at the ceiling of my bedroom. I feel extraordinarily groggy, and I have no waking thoughts in my head... none at all. Normally when I wake up, some kind of thought or memory immediately pops into the forefront of my mind, and it's off to the races.

Not this morning. This morning, it's absolutely blank.

I dimly become aware of a dull throbbing pain. It's me... my body. My whole body is wracked with pain. What the hell? The ringing phone stops. I'm so confused.

Only a few silent seconds pass before another ringing sounds. It's a shrill, chirping noise. My cell. Vague memories are slowly seeping back into my conscious mind as I sit up and take notice to the cast on my one forearm.

The woods... rain... pounding rain... intense pain... that horrible face...

I shudder and somehow manage to reach over and pick up the cell off my nightstand. God it hurts to move.

"Scully." I slur.

Well at least I've remembered who I am.

"Dana, it's John."

John... I'd know that gravelly voice anywhere. Memories of his worried face peering at me flash in the recesses of my fried brain.

"Just wanted to see how you're doin' this mornin'."

"Okay, I guess. A little dizzy... a lot sore."

To say the least. He mumbles something that I can't make out.

"I just thought I should touch base with you... give you an update." He pauses mysteriously,

"She still hasn't come-to."

Who hasn't come-to? I frown to myself and try to think hard. It hurts to use my gray-matter.

"Dana? You there?"

Oh god... Monica.

In my mind, I see flashes of her, numerous pictures, like photographs. Her smile, her eyes, that look that she gives me so often. A strange yet familiar feeling slithers through my body as I think about her,


I mumble it aloud.

...I see us running through the woods, racing for our very lives, the rain pelting us in the face... the sky dark blue and angry... our hair drenched, our clothes soaking wet... I recall the dreadful look on her face... the fear... the memory of her eyes is burned into me...

"Yeah. She seems to be fightin', but... I dunno."

He pauses again and sighs, sounding exhausted. He seems upset... emotional. He should be. I'm beginning to remember more.

"She'll pull through, John... she'll pull through."

I'm suddenly feeling emotional myself and I sigh unsteadily.

...I remember gunshots... I hear the horrible noises again. I remember Monica standing over me, trying to protect me... and I remember that hideous thing. I see his eyes... full of hatred... black and evil...

"Dana? You okay?"

John can hear my muffled anguish.

"Yeah... I'll be okay."

I clear my throat and try to get ahold of myself.

"Listen... are you coming in? I'm sure she'd want you to be here."

...I see her face again... the panic... she knew. She knew that we were in grave danger. The images flash through my head again, rapid-fire... his fists crashing into me... the metallic taste of my own blood on the back of my tongue... the feeling of my arm shattering... the sight of him beating the living hell out of Monica... the sound of her struggling. I remember thinking that he would certainly kill her, and there wasn't a damn thing I could do about it. `I'm sorry... I'm sorry...,' was all I could think. I was so disappointed in myself for letting her down...

"I'll be in. I just need to... get myself... together."

I need so much more than that, but it can wait.

"You need a lift?"

"No, I'm fine, thanks."

"Okay. Take your time. I'll probably be here."

He's supportive and understanding. I wonder what he's thinking... I don't remember talking to him about anything. I suppose that will return to me eventually too.



"...I'm glad you're okay."

"Thanks John."

end Ch. 1

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