Sanctuary Santa 2011

A festive winter gift exchange for the TV show Sanctuary.

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(Open, Unmoderated, Gift Exchange Challenge)

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Celebrating the season with Sanctuary fic for all!

A festive fic exchange to spread stories and cheer.

Fics are open!! Maybe you can guess who wrote yours?



1. Why isn't my favourite character listed?
Characters who are unnamed or who do not have canonical (wrangled) tags at AO3 are not listed.

2. If a character is not on the list, can I still request her? What if I want an unnamed character?
You still need to request at least three characters from the main list, but if there are other characters you'd like to receive (including crossovers and unnamed characters), you may note that in the description part of your request.

3. Can I request or offer more than three characters from the list?
Certainly! You may write or request up to ten characters and ten pairings.

4. The tag for my favourite pairing won't load, or I keep getting a "non-canonical pairing" error when I submit my sign-in form.
Be sure to alphabetise your pairing -- whoever comes alphabetically first, based on their surname, must be typed in first. You must also use the full canonical name of both partners. For example, "Kate Freelander/Will Zimmerman" will load, but "Kate/Will," "Will/Kate" or "Will Zimmerman/Kate Freelander" will not.

5. Can I pinch hit even if I didn't sign up for the exchange?
Yes, and we would love you forever! To sign up to pinch hit, email to be added to the list.

6. What should I do if I can't finish my assignment?
Please let us know as soon as possible by going to your assignment page on AO3 and clicking "default."

7. Is there a penalty for dropping out?
If you default without telling us, you have six months to complete a fic of at least 1,000 words for your recipient and to let one of the moderators know that you have done so. If you don't do this, you will be banned from the next exchange. If you let us know that you cannot complete your assignment by clicking the "default" button on the "my assignments" page at AO3 or by email, there is no penalty.

8. What should I do if I have a question about my recipient's request?
Please email oparu at with the subject line "Sanctuary Santa". She will forward your request to your recipient so that you remain anonymous.

9. Whom should I contact if I have a problem?
You may email oparu at

(rules based on those of Where_no_woman, with thanks)



1. All fics must be at least 1,000 words. There is no maximum word count and your story must be complete.

2. All submissions must be beta read. If you need a beta, there will be a post on Sanctuary Santa where you can find one.

3. This is an anonymous exchange and the authors will be hidden until December 31st. Please do not reveal your recipient to anyone other than your beta or post your story outside AO3 until authors' identities are revealed.

4. Incest, non-con and underage sex are common squicks/triggers and we ask that you do not write or request any of these.

5. You must request and offer at least three characters. If you would like to request pairings, you may. If you leave it blank, you will receive gen.

6. If your request has no pairings listed, please write your fic as non-romantic (gen) unless your recipient says otherwise in their santa letter or comments.

7. When signing up you may request characters complied from the list on the Sanctuary wiki who currently have tags. If you wish to request a pairing or characters NOT in tags, please do but be aware the archive will not be able to match based on that.

8. Please do your best to keep your recipient's preferences in mind, you are making a gift! Do not include anything your recipient listed as a squick or trigger.

9. If you must drop out, please notify us as soon as possible so that we can find a pinch hitter. To drop out, go to your assignments page on AO3 and click "default." If we do not have a story from you on December 20th, 2011 and we have not heard from you, we will assume that you will not complete your assignment and find a pinch hitter.

10. If you default and the person assigned to write for you also defaults, we will not find a pinch hitter for you, so you will not receive a story.

11. If you drop out without telling us, you will have six months to make something for your recipient or you will be banned from next year's exchange.

12. The archive will not go live until everyone who fulfilled their assignment has received a story.

13. Please refrain from character bashing. Your writer might love the character you hate!

"I don't like Character Z and I don't want them featured prominently in my fic" is fine. "I hate Character Z because Z is a jerkwad and I want Z to burn in an angry fire of biscuits" is not. We trust you to know the difference.

14. Be courteous in giving and receiving. Someone worked hard to write a story for you. It may not be your favourite story ever, but it is a gift someone spent time on. Please take the time to thank your writer for making it for you.