The Multifandom Rom Com Fic Fest

The Multifandom Rom Com Fic Fest

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About The Multifandom Rom Com Fic Fest (romcomorama)

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This is a ficathon because there just aren't enough fandom remakes of rom coms in the world. We're pretty laidback, we just want everyone to have fun. For more info, please check out our comm on Dreamwidth: [community profile] romcomorama.



Can I sign up specifically do one rom com? Well, it's not guaranteed. Since there's only two claims on any rom com, you have to both nominate it on the prompts post and be one of the first two people to claim it.

What if I want a particular rom com? Then be sure to put it in the prompt post and be early to claiming. Or, if it's not going to be a good time for you, then you can have someone who will be awake when the claiming goes live put your claim up for you.

So, wait, I can have a proxy claim for me? Yep!

Can I give prompts for rom coms I don't want to write? Absolutely! Maybe someone else will get a lightbulb from your prompt. Let's hear all your favorites.

Do I have to stick closely to the script? As close or loose as you like. It should resemble the original plot in some way, but there are obviously going to be some changes to fit a fandom into a rom com, not to mention if you're doing m/m, f/f, or a threesome or moresome of any sort and trying to overwrite a typical rom com formula, you're going to have to stretch things, at least a little (and the same is true if you pick a gay or lesbian rom com and write it for het pairing).

How long does the story have to be? What rating? No limits on either of these. Of course these movies are usually at least ninety minutes long, so I'd be surprised by a 2000 word story, but I bet it could be done. Any rating acceptable. Add porn, subtract porn, do whatever your heart desires with the rating.

What qualifies as a rom com? Well, here's the wiki entry (with a lot of excellent suggestions), but basically, it's got to have romance, and it's got to have comedy. There can be some drama or angst, but romance and comedy must be two of the defining characteristics of the movie.

Does it have to be a US-made movie? Does it have to be in English? Does it have to be het? No way! Those are the ones your mods are familiar with, so we've got them covered. But hey - we LOVE learning about new rom coms, so give us something we've never heard of before. More movies = more fun, and we want everyone to pick a movie that appeals to them.

Do I need to notify you if I'm not going to get it done? Nope. It's okay - life happens. Finish when you can, and post during the amnesty period if you like. Or hold on to it until next year! We'll post masterlists at the end of the season (August 14) and at the end of amnesty (January 31), so you'll be on a masterlist somewhere.

Can I claim more than one? Only one until the last day, please. Then, if your second movie is still unclaimed (we'll put up a notice when it's okay to select a second movie), you can pick up a second prompt.

Can I post to the collection if I don't claim a prompt? Not until amnesty period. From August 14 - January 31, anyone can post a rom com story to the collection, and make an announcement on the comm.

What if I don't have an AO3 account or Dreamwidth account? Well, if you want one, let the mods know, and we'll wrangle one for you. If you don't want one, then the mods can post your announcement to the Dreamwidth community, and you won't have to post on AO3 if you don't want to.

What if I have my heart set on a movie and I'm not one of the first two claimants? Well, you have a couple of options. You could write it anyway and post during the amnesty period. Or you could try a different rom com, maybe one you hadn't thought of before but that would suit your characters. Or you could wait until next year.

What time exactly will the claims post go live? We're working on that one. It might take a poll. Or it might just have to be when we're going to be awake to take care of things (which, sorry, we're both on the East Coast of the US, so it might not be great for everyone).

What counts as a fandom? Pretty much anything you can come up with. If you think something is questionable, ask a mod.

Can I write OCs? Sure! At least one of the main pairing has to be a character from the fandom, but as long as you have that, you can create OCs. Just remember this is a fandom fest, so there should be the feel of your fandom in your story.

Can I write crossovers? Why not? There aren't a lot of rules around this comm, as you may have noticed. This would particularly work for something like West Side Story, or anything where there are two warring sides.

What if I have questions? Ask a mod! We're [personal profile] kisahawklin and [personal profile] meansgirl, and you can contact us on DW by PM, or on this post as a comment, or at our usernames at gmail.



Otherwise known as dates.

February 7-12: Prompt post. List the romcoms you'd like to see reworked in fandom!
February 14-19: Claims post. Only two claimants per romcom, and they must be different fandoms.
May 14: Preview posting. If you want to, you can post a little something. It can just be an overview of the original movie with clips, or it can be a transcript of the scene from the movie and the same scene from your story. It can be a synopsis by picspam, whatever you like (and not required - this is just if you want to participate).
June 14: Posting begins. Stories can be hosted anywhere, but there must be a post on the Dreamwidth community announcing it. We would love it if you'd put it in the romcomorama collection on AO3 if you post there, as well.
August 14: Masterlist goes live. If you complete your claimed story, have a banner!
August 15 - January 31: Amnesty. Feel free to post your story any time you finish it, until the next round starts (or rather, until January 31, when we start gearing up for the next round).

We're in favor of less stress and more good times, so there's not a lot beyond that. If you have any questions, you can email the mods at our usernames at gmail.