Remix Revival 2017: Madness Round

(Closed, Unmoderated, Prompt Meme Challenge)

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Remix Madness is the free-for-all version of Remix Revival. For the Madness round, you choose who you want to remix, and you can remix as many people as you want! There is no word/size minimum and you DO NOT have to opt in to be remixed in order to remix other people.

To opt in to make your works eligible to be remixed, click the signup form at the top of the page and fill out the form. To remix someone else, click the "Prompts" link on the left sidebar and "claim" a prompt. Once you have claimed a prompt, you can post your story/art by going to the "Claims" link on the left sidebar. Claiming a prompt does not mean you are obligated to write/draw anything, and more than one person can claim any prompt.

For the main exchange, see Remix Revival 2017

Signups/claiming begins: August 20 (3 weeks earlier than planned!)
Works revealed: September 18
Authors/artists revealed, collection closes for posting: September 25, 8AM Eastern time



The Remix Revival FAQ should cover most general remix questions. The Madness-specific FAQ is below.


Do I have to sign up to be remixed in order to remix someone else for the Madness round?

Do I have to have a minimum number of works in a fandom to request to be remixed in that fandom for the Madness round?
As long as you have at least one available work in a fandom, you may add it to your Madness signup.

How many safe works can I have for the Madness round, and how should I indicate which works are safe?
You can have an unlimited number of safe works for Madness, and they should be indicated in the text area of your signup. For Madness, it is also perfectly fine to say something like "please only remix me in the fandoms I have signed up with," or "please only remix these specific fics."

Can I write a Dear Remixer letter for Remix Madness?
For the Madness round, I'm not going to stop you, but be aware that I also WILL NOT enforce DNWs other than safe works. As in the main exchange, your remixer may do whatever they want with your available works as long as they aren't changing the pairing or basic plot.

Is there a word/size limit for Remix Madness?
Nope! The only requirement is that whatever you post here must still be complete.

How do I know when I should post a treat to the Madness collection vs. posting it to the main collection?
If your treat is under 1000 words, a sketch, a manip, or for anyone you were not assigned to, it belongs in Madness. If your treat is 1000+ words or a completed piece (for art) AND is for someone you are/were assigned to, then you may post it to the main collection.

I wrote a treat for someone, but they didn't sign up for Remix Madness. Can I still post their treat to the Madness collection?
No. The only people you can post treats to the Madness collection for are people who signed up for Madness.



Anyone may remix fic/art for Remix Revival's Madness round. You do not have to opt in to be remixed in order to remix others. If you dropped out of the main exchange or didn't sign up to begin with, you are still more than welcome to play here. It's a free-for-all, basically, with just a few guidelines as outlined below:

You may remix any available work by anyone who has signed up for Madness. An available work is one that is NOT a WIP, collaboration, remix, or safe work. You may OPT IN to have your WIPs/collaborations/remixes remixed, but otherwise those types of works are off-limits.

There is NO LIMIT to the number of safe works you may have for Madness.

WIPs: For the Madness round only, you may OPT IN to allow your WIPs to be remixed by checking the box that says "My WIPs May Be Remixed."

Remixes: For the Madness round only, you may OPT IN to allow your remixes to be remixed by checking the box that says "My Past Remixes May Be Remixed."

Collaborations: For the Madness round only, you may OPT IN to allow your collaborations to be remixed by checking the box that says "My Collaborations May Be Remixed (SEE RULES)." Collaborations may ONLY be remixed if EVERY creator of that work signs up for Madness AND opts in to allow their collaborations to be remixed.

Do not change the pairing or basic plot of the original work. Other than that, you can do whatever you want when remixing someone's work.

Remixes must be in the requested medium.

There is no word minimum for Remix Madness, and sketches and such are fine for art. Manips are also fine for the Madness round.

Whatever you write/draw for Remix Madness must still be complete. No WIPs.

As in the main exchange, you are not required to write/draw to your recipient's taste, nor are you required to acknowledge any remixes you receive if they are not to your own taste. With this in mind, you are expected to be civil to your remixers and recipients, regardless of the circumstance.

You may write/draw as many things as you want as long as they are all in by 8 AM Eastern time on September 25. At this time, authors/artists will be revealed and the collection will be closed to new works.