Remix Revival 2017

(Open, Unmoderated, Unrevealed, Gift Exchange Challenge)

About Remix Revival 2017 (remixrevival2017)

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Sun 10 Sep 2017 11:59PM EDT
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Sun 17 Sep 2017 08:00AM EDT
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Remix Revival is a panfandom remix exchange, intended as a replacement for Remix Redux.

To contact me, leave a comment on the dreamwidth, or email me (

Signups begin: July 15
Signups end: July 30 11:59 PM ET
Assignments out by: August 5
Assignments due: September 10, 11:59 PM ET
Collection goes live: September 17
Remixers revealed: September 24

***If AO3 throws bugs during matching, or works are not turned in on time/are not complete, things could end up happening later than mentioned on the schedule. Any hiccups or delays will be mentioned on the dreamwidth***

Remix Madness: The Madness round will open on September 10, go live on September 18 (a day after the main collection), and have authors/artists revealed on September 25 (also a day after the main collection).

Pinch hits: Will be posted on the dreamwidth.

What you need to participate:
For each fandom in your requests, you must have:

Three (3) qualifying stories of at least 500 words OR
Five (5) qualifying stories of at least 100 words OR
Three (3) qualifying drawings (no manips, please)

in that fandom, and be willing to have them remixed. You must also be willing to remix someone else's story/art.

The minimum limit on requested fandoms is one (1), so if you have only created works in one fandom, you can still sign up as long as there are at least a few of them. If you do not have enough qualifying works in any fandom to sign up for the main exchange, please feel free to opt into Remix Madness when signups have opened over there.

A qualifying work is a work that:
Is complete
Is at least 100 word long (for fic)
Is not a crossover
Is not a remix
Is not a collaboration
Is not denoted as "safe"
Is in a medium you have requested to be remixed in
Is posted on your AO3 account or available publicly at another site*

You must also be willing to remix someone else's fic/art, and must match to at least one person's request once signups close. If there is no one for you to write/draw for, you will be asked to add to your offers.

*If your works are posted outside of AO3, they should be easy to navigate via a masterpost or similar. Please don't link to a tumblr tag for your works unless they are in a single fandom, as your remixer should not get a headache trying to find your works in X fandom.

If you are denoting a safe work:
You are limited to:

Three (3) individual safe works;
One (1) safe series;
AND/OR one (1) safe fandom*.

Safe works and works within your safe series/safe fandom are completely off-limits to your remixer.

Safe work limits are per signup (not per request)

*In general, if you can request/offer a fandom, you can safe work that fandom as well. So you can safe work umbrella tags or "All Media Types" tags if you want to.

When you receive your assignment:
You may remix any available work by your recipient.

An available work is a work that:
Is complete
Is not a remix
Is not a collaboration
Is not denoted as "safe"
Is in a medium they have requested to be remixed in
Is posted on their AO3 account or is publicly available at the outside URL your recipient provided in their signup

In other words, as long as the work you wish to remix meets the above requirements, you may remix it, whether your recipient requested that fandom or not.

If you want to request/offer fic in some fandoms A-D, and request/offer art in fandoms C-G:
You're in luck! The signup form allows you to have 1-2 requests for 1-20 fandoms each. The intended purpose of this is to allow people to request/offer different mediums for different fandoms, but if you have another reason to split your requests/offers, you are more than welcome to do so.

If you want to receive a fic remix of your art or an art remix of your fic:
You're in luck there, too, as both requests and offers will allow you to indicate what kind of works you have, and what kind of works you would like to receive.

Fic Remixed As Fic = the traditional remix, where you'll receive or write a fic remixing another fic
Fic Remixed As Art = you'll receive an art remix for your fic, or offer an art remix for someone else's fic
Art Remixed As Art = you'll receive an art remix of your art, or draw a remix of someone else's art
Art Remixed As Fic = you'll receive a story remix of your art, or write a remix of someone else's art

Note: If it looks like this will cause issues with matching, I will require that you request/offer Fic Remixed As Fic or Art Remixed As Art, with the other tags being the optional ones. Logistically, this means I may end up editing the signups after signups close to make sure more people are matchable. (If this happens, I will make a note of it on dreamwidth AND email participants whose signups I edited so that they have the opportunity to drop out if they are not okay with the change.) That said, I imagine most people will request Fic Remixed As Fic/Art Remixed As Art anyway, so hopefully it won't be an issue.



What's a remix?
A remix is when you take someone else's fic or art and write/draw it the way you would have. It can be a lot of fun! For examples, see Remix Redux, the exchange Remix Revival is based on.

What can I change when remixing?
Just about anything you want! The only things you may not change are the pairings and basic plot. Otherwise, you can do whatever you like: you can write from a different POV, in a different tense, with different characterization; you can write the story you think happened before or after the events of the story you're remixing; you can put a twist/spin on the events of the story to give it an entirely different meaning; you can take a shippy story and background the pairing and focus on other stuff; you can take the secondary pairing and focus on them instead of the main pairing of the original fic; again, pretty much anything you want!

But some of that makes it sound like you CAN change the pairing?
Basically, the pairing rule means you can't take, for example, an A/B fic and turn it into a B/C fic. But if you're remixing an A/B fic that has C/D as a background pairing, you'd be fine writing a fic about C/D with the A/B part in the background. Or, if you were remixing an A/B, C/D casefic with big romance elements, you would be welcome to remix it as a casefic that barely brought up the romance at all. In general, this is pretty flexible as long as you aren't outright changing the pairings that were in the original.

What if someone wrote a gen fic and I want to make it a shippy fic?
If there is any mention of a pairing at all in the fic, you can write a shippy fic about that pairing. If there is no mention of a pairing in the fic, then you must remix that fic as gen, or choose a different work to remix.

But how do I tell which parts are the basic plot?
Okay, this is the awesome thing about Remix: That's 100% up to you! Some people create remixes that hew quite close to the original work, while others do things that are so wildly different that you wouldn't necessarily realize they were connected if they were posted outside of remix. As long as there's some sort of connection to the original if you squint, it's all good.

What is a safe work?
It is a work that someone does not want to be remixed. Safe works/works within safe series/works within safe fandoms are completely off-limits.

How many safe works can I have? How do I indicate what I want my safe work to be?
You may have three (3) individual safe works, one (1) safe series, and/or (1) safe fandom. You should include a link to your safe work/series/fandom, if you have any, in the text area of your signup.

Can I write a Dear Remixer letter?
No. Remix is not a gift exchange. As such, the person writing for you does not have to take any of your likes or dislikes into account when writing your fic.

But I really don't want my remixer to do x, y, or z.
If it's just certain works you don't want remixed in a certain way, you can denote them as safe works, so that your remixer must choose something else instead of potentially remixing those particular works in the way you dislike. But you cannot require that your remixer remix your available works only in a certain way, or avoid any particular trope/kink/etc. If you are not okay with your remixer doing anything as long as they don't change the pairing/basic plot, Remix is not the exchange for you.

Can I at least indicate my preferences in the text area of my signup?
Absolutely not! If I see this, I will edit it out of your signup without notice and/or delete your signup entirely, at my sole discretion.

I have a question for my recip, will you pass it on to them for me?
Nope! Your recipient already created the work they wanted to; Remix is your chance to create your interpretation of their work. While it is fine to want your recip to be happy, the main goal of remix is to please yourself.

What is Remix Madness?
Remix Madness is the free-for-all version of this challenge. Instead of being assigned to write for someone, you can look through the list of signups for Remix Madness and choose whom you want to remix. Sketches/fics under 1000 words are fine for Remix Madness, and you do not have to opt in to be remixed in order to remix for others.

I need to default. Is there a penalty?
If you default, and your assigned remixer also defaults, you will not go to the pinch hit list. Otherwise, there is no penalty.

I don't want to default, but my assignment is only halfway finished. Can I post a placeholder at the deadline as long as I'm sure I can finish it by the time the collection goes live?
No. Your assignment must pass the bus test when you post it to the collection. What this means is that if you get hit by a bus five minutes after posting, I will not have to scramble for an emergency pinch hitter because your work is still a placeholder when the collection is due to open.

It's fine to post a rough draft with the intention of polishing it up more, but stories should have a clear beginning, middle, and end with no placeholder text, while art must look like something. It's also fine to post a rough draft of one thing, then decide to do something completely different and switch it out before the collection opens, as long as every version of your assignment passes the bus test when it is posted.

Okay, so can I have an extension? I promise my remix will be done by [time/date].
No, sorry. I am not going to grant individual extensions. If I default you and you complete your remix before the exchange ends, you can still post it to the main collection, as long as it is complete and meets the required minimums.

The collection will be closed after authors/artists reveals, so if you finish it after the exchange is over, you'll have to hash it out with your recip.

Can I post-date my remix so it shows at the top of the fandom tag?
Yes, but please don't post-date your remix more than one during the anon period, and once after author/artist reveals (so no more than twice total).

I wrote a treat, can I post it to the main collection?
If you wrote an extra treat for your assigned recipient or for a pinch hit assigned to you, and it is at least 1000 words or a complete drawing, then yes. Fics under 1000 words, sketches, and treats for anyone you weren't assigned to should go in the Madness collection (assuming they have signed up for Madness).

I wrote a treat for someone, but they didn't sign up for Remix Madness. Can I still post their treat to the Madness collection?
No. The only people you can post treats to the Madness collection for are people who signed up for Madness. For this reason, I'd advise against writing Madness treats ahead of time unless you are really sure that person is going to sign up for Madness as well.

I defaulted, but wrote/drew something for my recip anyway. Can I post it to the main collection, or should it go in the madness collection?
You may post it in the main collection, provided it is at least 1000 words or a complete drawing, and that you are posting it before the exchange ends. If it is under the minimum or a sketch, you should post it in the Madness collection (assuming your recipient also signed up for Madness).

Is RPF allowed?
Yes, RPF is allowed for both requests and offers.

Are Original Works allowed?
Yes, original works are allowed for both requests and offers.

What about crossovers?
Crossovers may be remixed, but may not be included in your request/offer, as it would complicate matching and/or the tagset too much on my end.



Matching will be done based on fandom + the medium(s) your works are in + the medium(s) you have requested. Characters, pairings, rating, etc, WILL NOT be taken into account.

You must have at least five 100 word fics, at least three 500 word fics, or at least three drawings in each fandom you request to be remixed in. If you do not have enough qualifying works to be remixed in a requested fandom, you risk having that fandom deleted from your signup, or having your entire signup deleted.

The URL you provide to your works must include an index/masterpost that is easily navigated by fandom, so that your remixer can readily locate your works in the fandom you matched on. (Your AO3 works page is vastly preferred to anything else, so if your works are on AO3, please link to AO3.) A tumblr tag for "my fic/my art" will only work if you have produced fic/art primarily/solely in the fandom you are requesting.

Once you receive your assignment, you will remix at least one of your recipient's available stories/drawings in the medium they requested to be remixed in, and post it to the collection by the due date.

Stories must be a minimum of 1000 words and complete; no WIPs. In the case of art, the piece must be complete (ie, no sketches, please).

When remixing, do not change the pairing or basic plot. Other than that, you can do whatever you want

This is not a gift exchange, so you are not required to write/draw to your recipient's tastes. Your recipient already created their work; Remix Revival is your chance to write/draw what you want to.

This is not a gift exchange, so you are not required to acknowledge the fic/art you receive if it is not to your tastes/contains content you don't read/is offensive to you. There is not, and never will be, any penalty for not commenting on/kudosing/linking back to the fic or art you receive.

In light of the above, you are expected to be civil to your remixer and your recipient, regardless of the circumstance.

You may not remix any of the following:
Any work denoted as "safe"
Works in progress

If you have not turned in a remix by the deadline (September 10, 11:59 PM ET), you will be automatically defaulted. There will be no extensions.

If you default and your assigned remixer also defaults, you will not go to pinch hit.

The eleventh-hour deletion of a posted assignment or pinch hit will result in a lifetime ban. This is defined as any deletion occurring after the post-deadline pinch hits go out, but before authors/artists have been revealed. (In other words, it does not apply to what you do with your own work after the exchange is over.)

Any assignment or pinch hit found to be incomplete/a placeholder after the collection goes live will be rejected from the collection, and result in a one-year ban. This applies only to the official assignment/pinch hit, not any extras you may have produced, nor to anything in the Madness collection. (Note: Incomplete/placeholder works in either collection will be rejected from the collection whether they were official assignments or not.)

Barring any last-minute complications, the main collection will go live on September 17, 2017, while the Madness collection will go live the next day. Authors/artists will be revealed a week later, on September 24 (September 25 for Madness). Prior to reveals, you should not discuss your remix assignment publicly in any detail, or post it to any location other than the AO3 collection. You may respond to your feedback before reveals if you want; AO3 will automatically make your responses anonymous. After reveals, free to do whatever you’d like.