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Announcements will be posted to [community profile] remixduello



Why is it called the Remix Duello?

This is a play on the Code Duello, being the rules of formal, one-on-one combat, often for matters of honor.

Why is Supernatural not an eligible fandom?

Supernatural writers may participate in a constrained remix by participating in the Kamikaze Remix.

I don't write gen/het/slash/bob/incest, etc. Can you make sure that I am not assigned a story with that?

No. It would change the task of matching everyone from a difficult task to an impossible task.

Also, the purpose of the challenge is for you to accept a very specific prompt that has been set by someone else, and work specifically with that. That being said, you can enter characters and pairings into the signup form. The characters and pairings will be given weight when the matching is done, but there is not a guaranteed match.

Can I post my story to my own space instead of to the Archive of Our Own?

You may post your story anywhere you like after the stories are revealed. However, you must first post your story to the Archive of Our Own, or you are considered a defaulter. If you need an account, you can e-mail the moderator or join the invite queue.

What's the Melee and how do I participate?

The Melee is a period when people who have completed their remixes and people who have signed up to pinch hit may nominate one story, in a fandom not eligible for The Remix Duello, to be remixed. Anyone may select any of those stories and post a remix, but it may turn out that no one will remix a nominated story.

The Melee is open for posting from the time The Remix Duello stories are due until the signups of the following year.

How can I become a pinchhitter?

Sign up to pinch hit!



  • Your nominated story must be publicly accessible without someone having to friend you or join a community or mailing list.
  • Your nominated story must be between 500 and 15,000 words.
  • Your nominated story may not be a:
    • crossover.
    • co-written story.
    • work in progress.

  • Your nominated story may be a remix of a previous story.

  • You must remix the story you have been assigned.

  • Your remix must be a minimum of 500 words. There is no maximum.

  • Your remix must keep the same basic plot as the assigned story.

  • Your remix may complicate the pairing. If the basic plot of the story is a romance, you should not change the two people in the romance, but your plot may involve ships that hang off of that romance, or it may become gen. Examples, based on a story featuring Neal and June of White Collar falling in love:

    • Good example: Neal breaks up with Elizabeth and Peter in order to be free to court June.

    • Bad example: Neal falls in love with Elizabeth and Peter, while June runs off with Mozzie.

    • Good example: Elizabeth and Peter console each other that Neal can never be theirs.

    • Bad example: June plays yenta to Neal, Peter, and Elizabeth.

    • Good example: As in the original story, Neal escorts June to a fancy dress ball. Unlike the original story, they retire to separate bedrooms for the evening, without kissing.

    • Bad example: Neal escorts Mozzie to Gay Pride, and they go to Mozzie's residence afterwards and have sex.

  • Defaults: You have a one week period after receiving your assignment to default without penalty. After this one week grace period, if you default, you are banned from future iterations of the challenge. You can restore your eligibility by becoming a pinchhitter and producing a completed story.

    NB If you have defaulted during the grace period, and the person assigned to remix a story by you defaults, no replacement will be found and no story of yours will be remixed.