Remix Her: A Lady-Centric Remix Challenge

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A lady-centric remix challenge being hosted on both LiveJournal and Dreamwidth.

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About Remix Her: A Lady-Centric Remix Challenge (remix_her)

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Wait, a remix? Can't I just sign up for the general remix challenge?
Of course you can! If you want to, you absolutely should. The thing about Remix/Redux is that many of the stories out of that challenge are dude-centric. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that! There are a lot of great stories out of that challenge.

What we're looking for is a remix challenge that focuses on the women of the stories.

Wait, what?
That's right, this challenge is for the ladies. (Of fiction. You do not need to be a woman in order to participate, of course.) Remember that story you read that had about five sentences worth of Vala Mal Doran (or Morgana or Zoe Washburn or Athena or Liz Forbes) and how you wanted to know what she did during the story?

This is your chance to write that.

So I can rewrite anything? Anything I want?
Not quite. Just like Remix/Redux, you can do anything you want to the story except for three things: pairing, setting, and basic plot.

That means you can't take someone's McShep story and make it a story about how John is really in love with Elizabeth. That's just plain rude. You can, however, take that McShep story and focus on how Teyla is in love with Elizabeth. (And you should, because Elizabeth/Teyla is awesome.) The key is reinterpreting and expanding an existing story, not telling a new one.

However, just like Remix/Redux, you can take a canon setting and turn it into an AU, so long as the general plot and pairing details remain the same.

You mods are all femslashers. Is this a kissing book? Is this a femslash challenge?
Of course not! This challenge is about the ladies, but in whatever fashion you want to write about them. You could write femslash if you want, but we also encourage you to write het, gen, or poly fic. Our only requirement is that the story focus on canonically female-identified characters. (Due to the nature of this challenge, m/m slash should be background only.)

Where does that leave trans and genderqueer characters?
If they're female-identified in canon, it leaves you right in the same place as the rest of us who want to write about the ladies. Welcome!

How about always-a-girl stories, like Samantha and Danielle Winchester hunting monsters while searching for their mother?
As interesting as it would be otherwise, Sam and Dean Winchester are not female-identified in Supernatural canon, so they don’t qualify for this challenge.

Is this going to be like Remix/Redux, where we get an assignment?
Sort of! There are two portions of this challenge. Let me explain. No, that takes too long. Let me sum up.

Exchange Style You go to the Archive of Our Own, sign up for the challenge, and are matched with a fellow participant in an approved fandom. These will likely be larger fandoms, ones where finding people who have five or more stories is easily done. As per Remix/Redux, you will not be matched on pairing, character, or genre. You must write a minimum of 1000 words.

Freeform Style - For those who write in tiny fandoms (for example, Babysitter's Club or St. Trinian's), you may choose a story to remix, obtain permission from the author (or check for their name in the blanket permissions post that's going to be put up), and then write your story. You must be done by the same date as the assignment participants, as all the stories will be revealed on the same date. You must write a minimum of 500 words.

But what if I want to remix a story and I don't have permission from the author?
You can lie and remix it anyway, but we're not to blame if the author finds out and you make fandom_wank. Just be polite and make sure you have permission, please.

Do I have to pick a story only from the official fandoms?
Only if you're signing up for the exchange portion of the challenge.

What are the requirements for that anyway?
You must have at least five stories each of a minimum of 500 words in three different official fandoms in order to participate in the exchange portion.

Crossovers count. PWP, however, is really hard to remix, so that doesn't count.

What about co-written stories?
They're not allowed for the exchange portion, but if you can get permission from both authors, you may remix a co-written story for the freeform challenge.

Ooh, can I do both? Get an assignment and also pick a story to remix for the freeform section of the challenge?

What if I can't finish my exchange story?
PLEASE DROP OUT AS SOON AS YOU FIGURE THIS OUT. That gives us time to find a pinch hit and makes us much less irritated with you.

Are there any penalties for dropping out?
You will have annoyed mods. They may vent to their cats. They may decide to ban you from future participation, depending on how close to the deadline you drop out.

When will the stories be released?
Uh, we're working on a timeline. But no stories will be released until all exchange participants have a story.

What if I don't have an ao3 account to post my remix to?
Then we'll give you an invite. We have them. Oh, do we have them.

Speaking of stories, is there anything that's not allowed?
Almost anything goes. You may write incest, noncon/dubcon, character death, RPF, kink, AMTDI, surprise soulbonding, or the characters being turned into cats, penguins, or pencils. (Please try to do something you think your recipient will like, should you be writing in the exchange portion.) As we have previously mentioned, m/m should be in the background, thanks to the nature of the challenge. We do, however, insist that your characters be over the age of consent in your country of origin.

Have you hammered out that timeline yet?
Yes! This is our general timeline:
Sign-ups: 5/30* - 6/10
Assignments Released: 6/11 - 6/13
Writing Period: 6/14 - 9/3
Stories Released: 9/4