Reed's Armory Collection

Malcolm Reed, text: Reed's Armory

This is a collection of stories featuring Lieutenant Malcolm Reed of Star Trek Enterprise.

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Reed's Armory: A Malcolm Reed Fanfiction Collection

This is a collection devoted to stories featuring Lieutenant Malcolm Reed, the Armory officer on Star Trek Enterprise. This is a diverse collection, encompassing any pairings (or none at all) and any rating. General, slash, and het stories are all welcome as long as Malcolm is involved!

Many of the stories here were originally posted to the Reed's Armory Yahoo Group. The original archive for that group was on a Geocities site, which was preserved and is available on a mirror site as the Reed's Armory Archive. That site cannot be edited, but it contains all of the stories and indexing that was originally archived.

This collection will include both new stories and any from the original archive whose authors choose to post here on AO3. It is NOT necessary to post new stories to the Yahoo group, but information about new additions to this collection will be posted there periodically.



1. What can I post here?
The Reed's Armory Collection features fanfiction stories about the Enterprise character Malcolm Reed. He does not have to be the main character, but should play more than a minimal background role.

2. What kind of pairings and ratings are acceptable?
All pairings are welcome, or none at all. Gen, slash and het stories are all welcome. Any rating is fine (see Rules for more details on acceptable content.)

3. May I post unfinished stories (WIP's)?
Yes, you can add chapters to stories you've posted. Please mark the story as 'Complete' when it's finished.

4. Do I need to be a member of the Reed's Armory Yahoo Group to post here?
No, any author is welcome to submit their Malcolm stories here.

5. I posted a story on the Reed's Armory Yahoo list. Will it automatically be posted here?
No. It is the individual authors' choice to post to this collection. If they choose to do so, an author must post their own work on AO3 and add it to the Reed's Armory Collection.

6. Is this collection moderated? How do I get my submission to show up in the collection?
The Reed's Armory Collection is moderated. But after an author's first story is approved, their future additions will not be delayed for moderation. The moderator(s) may remove submissions which do not fall within the scope of the collection and the rules.

7. I am the author of a story posted on the original Reed's Armory Archive and would like to include it here, but I don't have access to the original story file. Could it be retrieved?
Stories posted on the original Reed's Armory Archive are very welcome! If you don't have the original file available, please contact the moderator.

8. Can I remove my stories from the collection?
Of course, you have the ability to edit or delete you own works at any time. Alternatively, you could use AO3's Orphaning procedure which would leave the stories, but remove the author information.



– Any rating is permitted. Please rate your stories as a courtesy to those who don't want to read higher rated material.

– Gen, Slash or Het stories are all welcome.

– Please list all pairings in the header.

– Please utilize the AO3 warnings.

– No RPF (stories about the actors rather than the characters portrayed)

- No stories including bestiality or any sexual activities involving an underage character.