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Stacey didn’t want to stay at the Tojitendo Palace. But if he didn’t…where would he go? He didn’t want to join the Zenkaigers. They wouldn’t want him to join either, after he fought them so many times.
So now, he was lying on the floor of a hotel room, with Hakaiser, AKA Kaito’s father (who was baffled at this situation), and Stacey tried to figure out what exactly he wanted.
He hadn’t taken Hakaiser back to the Tojitendo Palace. But why not?
“I…I don’t know. I don’t want to go there? But I don’t want to go anywhere, I just…” Stacey thought of what Hakaiser had said earlier that day.
“I’m asking if you want to team up.”
“You have to ask? We’re already on the same team, silly!”

But…that was Hakaiser. This man was…similar, but not exactly Hakaiser. He wouldn’t remember that moment.
“I…I don’t know,” he repeated, not sure how to explain the situation to Kaito’s father.
“…my name is Isao,” Kaito’s father formally introduced himself.
“…huh?” Stacey mumbled. “M-my name’s Stacey.”
“Nice to meet you. This…is a very peculiar situation,” Isao acknowledged. “But if you need anything, even just someone to listen to you, I’m here.”
Stacey paused for a minute before standing up.
“I…need a hug.”
Isao complied, hugging Stacey for as long as he needed.
Stacey wasn’t sure what he was going to do in regards to…the Tojitendo, Colourful, and everything.
But he felt safe hugging Isao, and was fairly certain that he would continue feeling safe if he stayed with him.
And that was what mattered.