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AO3 outlet of the Power Rangers Trope Bingo.

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This is the AO3 outlet of the Power Rangers Trope Bingo. See rules below. To sign up, either email us here, or comment on either of our Dreamwidth or Livejournal outlets.



Master trope list on Dreamwidth or Livejournal.



* Bingo: sign up to receive bingo card (only one active card per person)
* Trope Ten: No signup necessary (Post at will, landmark every ten tropes)
* You do not need a Dreamwidth, Livejournal or AO3 account to participate
* There is no time limit

If it’s a fanwork, it qualifies
* All kinds of fanworks qualify
* Previously posted works qualify
* Collaborations qualify; you and your collaborators can all claim the work
* Crossovers (outside of the crossover trope) qualify

* Post your work or a link to it on at least one of PR Trope Bingo’s outlet. If you do not have an account for any of the outlets, please leave a comment at the mod contact post and we will do it for you.
* On AO3: add your work to the prtropebingo community and tag with the appropriate trope(s) as it appears in the trope list. (New tags may not appear in the autocomplete at first.)
* On DW or LJ: please tag with your name, the appropriate season and the appropriate trope(s). If a collaboration or a podfic, please tag with your collaborators’/original author’s name(s) as well.